heartwerk inflyte interview

American DJ & producer HeartWerk continues to impress as he follows outings with labels such as Odd Numbers, U Don’t Dance, and Fly Tree Records with a brand new 3-tracker titled ‘Tulsa In The Haus’.

The new EP comes on True Romance, a label which keeps an impressive release schedule and has previously dropped music from some of electronic music’s biggest producers, including Tensnake, Gerd Janson, and Larse.

We spoke with the Tulsa-based artist to chat about his new release, how the tracks came to sign with True Romance, and which other Tulsa-based artists he currently rates. Read the full interview with HeartWerk below.

How are things over in Oklahoma right now?

It feels like spring today, so super nice! We’ve got a fun house and techno scene bubbling up here over the last few years and it’s been a lot of fun.

You’re preparing for the release of your new ‘Tulsa In The Haus’ EP – describe the three tracks in your own words?

‘Tulsa In The Haus’ started as a fun DJ tool to use in my sets around Tulsa but now it’s for the world, ‘Celluloid’ came around while listening to some older disco cuts from the infamous Celluloid Records. ‘Tropicaliente’ started out as a collaboration with a local pop act but it kind of shifted its way into being its own disco banger instead.

Was there no talk of putting remixes on this one?

Not much, I’d like to but I’m honestly still kind of navigating that world so I’d like to say we can expect some remixes in the future.

The release comes on True Romance, how did you come to sign the tracks with those guys?

My mate Boogietraxx had already released with them and said I should shoot some of my tracks their way, They liked them and here we are.

And which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

Who wants to release my trax? haha. If any cool labels want to work with me shoot me a line.

Who are some other Tulsa-based producers we should check out?

J Sung, The Links, Sweater Advice, and I know Sydney Lee is about to release some stuff.

Is there anything else you want to bring attention to before we go?

Let me come to DJ in your city!

HeartWerk – Tulsa In The Haus EP is out February 24th on True Romance.