Interview: Human Movement

Australian artist Human Movement recently followed up releases on labels like Defected and Of Leisure with his inaugural outing on HOMAGE, a Brooklyn-based imprint which has previously released tracks from Ben Gomori, DART, and KETTAMA.

His new 4-track Clutch EP features three gleaming originals in Rudi Boi, Lody’s Hips, and Slim Lim, alongside an excellent remix from Ozzy,

We got to ask Human Movement about the new release, how his hometown of Sydney has been dealing with the pandemic, which other labels he might be working with soon, and more. Get the full discussion and listen to Rude Boi below.

You just released your new Clutch EP on HOMAGE, talk us through the three originals on this one?

These tracks were written whilst in lockdown in Australia, with the intention to be released when the world started opening up again, so I wanted them to have the same feeling as we all would have when we could go out again. Highly energetic and exciting.

And it also has a remix from Ozzy, what is your opinion on that?

I love it. It’s a real left field crazy flip on the original. It’s a nice finisher to the whole EP as it takes the original to a whole new world sonically, and wraps the whole thing in a bow for me.

It’s your first time releasing on HOMAGE, how did you come to connect with those guys?

I think we got in contact back in 2018 when I sent them some demos which didn’t really tickle their fancy. A few years later they heard my KINETIC EP and Ryan hit me up saying he really liked it and what else was in the pipeline. I sent him a playlist of 10 demos and he picked his three favourites, which were Rude Boi, Slim Lim and Lodys Hips, and there you go!

And you’ve released on Defected, Of Leisure, and Kitsune in the past, which other labels might we expect to see you on soon?

There will be a lot more releases to come on Of Leisure as they’re kinda my birds nest. But I’d like to explore some more international labels in the future. I’d love to do a release on Hessle Audio, no plans with them yet, but maybe one day.

You’re based in Sydney, Australia, how has the club scene there been coping with the pandemic?

Considering Sydney nightlife has had the toughest 10 years going from lockout laws to a pandemic I think there has been amazing support and collaboration within the community for a long time and now an undeniable energy bubbling in this city, we are on the brink of rejuvenating the cities nightlife and turning it into a key destination again. Clubbing and partying is coming back in a big way.

Which Sydney-based producers would you recommend everyone check out?

Ruby May Moon, Chetch, Freda, Caitlin Medcalf, Sophie Forrest, Cousin.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks so much for the questions and supporting the release! Excited to start being able to incorporate this EP in my sets and play it in the setting it was meant for.

Human Movement – Clutch EP is out now on HOMAGE.