Interview: Human Rias

Munich-based DJ, producer, and label owner Human Rias continues to establish the foundations of what looks to seemingly be a highly promising and fruitful career in the realm of techno.

The Iranian artist has previously released his music with Techno Tehran Records, and his own 7Rituals imprint is about to release tracks from heavyhitters such as Jan Blomqvist, Klaudia Gawlas, and Victor Ruiz.

We got the chance to talk with him recently, where we spoke about his approach to remixing Sherwin Hajipour’s ‘Baraye’, what he has planned for both 7Rituals and his own music, and his thoughts on the current state of the Munich club scene. Get the full discussion with Human Rias below.

Hi mate, how are things for you over in Munich at the moment?

There would be a lot to say, club culture is dying as more and more venues are pushed out of business by the city or by large scale events. But the city has developed a huge collective scene over the pandemic, allowing music to grow again in completely new areas. I spend my time between there and Malta.

Next month will see you release your remix for Sherwin Hajipour’s ‘Baraye’, how did you approach the remix in the studio?

It was important that the track is understandable on the dancefloor, considering the Iranian lyrics. Also, the lyrics had to stay in one piece, no chopping, to keep the beauty and truth of the original.

It will be released on your own 7Rituals imprint, alongside remixes from Jan Blomqvist, Klaudia Gawlas, and Victor Ruiz, how did you choose remixers for the project?

Jan was the inspiration for this campaign and release, as he published a video that put me to tears. Soon after I started approaching artists whom I’m close with and who I saw supporting the cause. I am really happy with those who have done a remix, it’s a special release for us all and it means a great deal. It’s nice to be able to try and contribute or help in a way we know how.

And which other names might we expect to see on 7Rituals in the near future?

7Rituals will be the home of my first solo singles, and generally a label where I will support talented artists, many of whom I’ve discovered in Iran. The first release will be my remix on January 27th and then staggering all the other remixes about a week apart.

Your own music has previously come via Techno Tehran Records, which other labels will you be working with going forward?

I will be outputting most of my music on my own label, with remixes and collaborations coming out on others.

Are there any big labels you hope to work with at some point in your career?

You know what they say, if you mention it before it happens, it won’t happen. So I am going to stay quiet for now!

Is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up?

Yes, to all artists and friends, please choose a remix of ‘Baraye’, please play it at your shows, send us videos, upload videos, all to help raise the voice of my brothers and sisters in Iran.

Sherwin Hajipour – Baraye (Human Rias Remix) is out February 3rd on 7Rituals.