Interview: Inamo

Based out of New York, USA, Inamo is a promising DJ, producer, and label boss, who alongside releasing on labels like Earthly Delights, has also put out a bunch of impressive productions via his own trueColors imprint.

His latest release arrives this month on trueColors, titled ‘La Llama’, the EP includes seven tracks in total, with remixes from Super Flu, Vander, and Sasha Carassi included alongside Inamo’s original work.

We spoke to the New Yorker recently, where we asked him about the new release, what he thinks of the included remix work, his plans for trueColors, and more. Read the full interview with Inamo below.

You’re about to return to trueColors for the release of your new ‘La Llama’ EP, talk us through the original mix of this one?

The original mix went through many versions, as originally the track did not have a vocal, but I was inspired to add one after my friend and vocalist Niña Indigo sent one which I really liked. It was fun to work on the arrangement, which I made a bit different by stripping back the kick drum to make it more of an opening track.

It also includes a few other versions with a vocal mix, a Still Burning mix, and a dub mix present, how do those differ from each other?

The other versions are more like my own remixes, as there is a mix built around the vocal that has a warm housy feel, and a dub that replaces the vocal with some stabs and synths for a bit more tension. I did not plan to release it, but after sending it out the feedback changed my mind, as it has got lovely support from Robbie Akbal, Magician On Duty, Guy Gerber, Eelke Klein, Unders, and others.

And there are three remixes from Super Flu, Sasha Carassi, and Vander, how did you decide who would be featured on the remixes, and what was your reaction when they came back?

The remixes are phenomenal! They pack a punch, and make great use of the vocal, which means they are fun to play in DJ sets, because they are aimed straight at the dance floor. I’ve been a long-time fan of the guys, and played many of their productions. It seems like the perfect time to have everyone on board, and I’m thankful for their hard work.

And you’ve also signed stuff to Earthly Delights in the past, which other labels might we see you on in 2023?

I have been working with my buddy Roi Okev and I believe those tracks are coming out on Hoomidaas Records. I also have a remix coming on Earthly Delights, and I have a new project on trueColors called ‘Flight of the Navigator’.

Who else do you have coming to trueColors in the near future?

The label has some very exciting releases and artists on board for the coming months, Wild Dark are back and we have label debuts by Los Suruba, Robbie Akbal, Nhii, and Unders.

Have you set yourself any goals or resolutions for this year?

It has gotten trickier to set goals, but I do hope to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and continue to work on music. Hopefully I’ll also sign the demos I have laying around.

I have also been doing a series of free downloads that I call ‘Flashbacks’, which are older tracks that I’ve remade or edited. I’ve been sharing those on my SoundCloud page, and have a few in the works that I’m planning to upload on a monthly basis.

Thanks for answering our questions, is there anything you want to mention before we finish up?

I’d like to wish everyone a splendid 2023, more time outside, more parties in beautiful locations, and time for family and friends! Thank you for your support.

Inamo – La Llama LP is out February 17th on trueColors.