Interview: Kamil Van Derson

California-based techno veteran Kamil Van Derson has been producing lean, energetic, and hard-hitting club tracks for almost a full decade.

His own music has come via labels like Orange Recordings, Gain Records, and Reload Records in the past, with his latest outing marking his debut on one of the UK’s most promising techno labels, Throne Room Records.

He joins the Throne Room family with his new 3-track ‘Dark Universe’ EP, which combines dark and heavy-set original titles ‘Dark Universe’, ‘Control Yourself’, and ‘Acid’.

Speaking to Kamil, we got to ask him all about the new release, what he has planned for the near future, and his thoughts on the California club scene. Get the full discussion below.

Hi Kamil, how is life out in California right now?

I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Kamil Vanderson aka. ‘Kamil Van Derson’, and I’m based in Southern California, Orange County, the home of Disneyland. I’m also a part of the Toronto underground music scene. Every day I experience new methods of production, sound designing, or mastering the idea of creation. Every artist is unique. I am not in competition with anyone or copying anyone’s style. It takes a lot to be good in your craft. I’m currently focused on music production, mainly techno, and my radio show, which airs once a month on Fnoob Techno Radio.

You recently debuted on Throne Room Records with your new ‘Dark Universe’ EP. How would you describe the three originals on the release?

‘Dark Universe’ is an organic dark drum track with a raw analog sound of dark vocals and a heavy synth shot. ‘Control Yourself’ was made with a melodic analog synth and includes heavy drums. ‘Acid’ was made with an acidic vocal. I actually tested a lot of analog plugins on the vocal. The EP was produced in two days.

And was there no talk of including any remixes?

We never talked about it. I personally wanted to have the songs released alone. I’d like to work solo for now when it comes to techno music. I look forward to collaborating in the future.

You’ve also released music with Reload Records, Gain Records, and Orange Recordings in the past, what advice would you give to anyone that is aiming to release on these kinds of labels?

I think every individual is special and unique. Keep doing what you are doing. Stop seeing others as competition, especially to you younger generation.

Lower your expectations. Work harder, and smarter. To be greater than yourself is to focus on creating something great and unique. We all know that everything comes from working hard, making mistakes, and learning to be better. It won’t be easy to deal with record labels. I have been dealing with then for over a decade. It will be a mental challenge. It won’t be easy to reach out to the well known labels.

Build a reputation. Don’t give up; keep pushing your music out there. Stay positive. Sometimes it takes time. Strengthen your mind to be able to gain more knowledge and apply it to your ideas and creations. Music is full of love and passion. Make it enjoyable. Make it a part of your character. Then you are able to share it with the world. Thank you for letting me share my opinion. I hope this message helps everyone.

And which labels might we see you on in the near future?

My upcoming releases are on Paroxysm Music, Dolma Records, Sonaxx Records, and a few others.

California isn’t a place that’s primarily known for techno music, but the club scene in Los Angeles is certainly growing rapidly, what are your thoughts on the techno circuit on the West Coast?

So much of the West Coast comes with a raving reputation of alcohol and drugs. California isn’t like Europe. It will never be like Europe, unless the laws change. There are restrictions on this kind of music in America. Still, there are illegal underground after parties happening. Plus, it’s not part of the culture. Techno is a culture besides the music. I think what is happening in Los Angeles should happen all over the West Coast. From large cities to small towns, we need more local techno producers and more local techno radio. I think it will happen eventually, I look forward to it!

Thanks a lot for talking to us, is there anything else you would like to plug before we go?

I would like to thank the Inflyte team for giving me this opportunity and my dear friend Oliver Carloni for believing in my work, supporting me and sharing my music with the world, especially with the community on the West Coast. I look forward to seeing more techno producers from California. We are here to share the message of love with the nation. Every individual is capable of changing the world. May the power of the force be with you all.

Kamil Van Derson – Dark Universe EP is out now on Throne Room Records.