Interview: Karim Alkhayat

Syrian-born, now Dubai-based producer Karim Alkhayat continues his impressive run of form with a new 4-track EP that comes via Deep Therapy Records.

Alongside the two original inclusions, the release also welcomes remix work from emerging talent Sam WOLFE, and veteran duo The YellowHeads.

We welcome Karim to Inflyte Plus this week, where we chat about his new EP, which labels we might see him on in the near future, and which other Dubai-based artists he recommend we check out.

Let’s start with your new The Last Trip EP for Deep Therapy Records, how did the original tracks come together on this one?

Both of the tracks came from a different source of inspiration. “The Last Trip” was inspired by a social media post I saw about the spiritual trip, and how it’s related to the technology that we have. While the idea for “System Error” came from a construction site I lived next to for about a year and a half.

And the remixes from Sam WOLFE and The YellowHeads, what was your initial reaction to those?

Both remixes are huge! Sam’s remix captured the essence of the original mix, which is the twist of the breakdown, and that I adore. The YellowHeads did what they do best, and focused on the kicks and percussion, with just enough melodic elements to build tension.

In the past we have also seen you release music on Orange Recordings, Reload Records, and Codex Recordings, which other imprints might we see added to that list in the coming months?

I’m working on a new EP with my good friend Sam WOLFE, and we are aiming for UMEK’s 1605, as recently he has started working with that label.

You’re originally from Syria but now live in Dubai, how is the Dubai club scene when it comes to techno?

The techno scene in Dubai is getting better all the time. Local people are now open to different genres, and listen to techno, when in the past it was mainly just house and melodic house.

And which other Dubai-based artists should we be aware of right now?

I recommend you checkout Adriana Ray who is currently also in talks with Deep Therapy. She is a new artist, and a talented techno producer living in Dubai.

What’s your favourite thing about the city in general?

The diversity of the people who live there, as it gives me the opportunity to experience many different cultures.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we wrap things up?

I have three new releases coming before the end of 2021, one on IAMT with Mehmet Ozbek called Point Of View. Then I have one with Who Is Hush called Gift of Life that’s coming out on Codex. I’ll finish the year by collaborating with Mushroom Cake for an EP called No Regret that’s coming out on Set About.

Karim Alkhayat’s The Last Trip EP is out now on Deep Therapy Records.