Interview: Kermesse

Kermesse are an Argentinian DJ & production duo who offer a stripped back and tech-leaning style of organic house sounds, the pair have previously appeared on record labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Sol Selectas, and Kamai Music.

Their most recent outing saw them make a return to The Magic Movement, with the title track dropping this week and the other three inclusions coming a little bit later in March.

We got the chance to catch up with the pair, where we spoke to them about their new EP, what else they might have coming in terms of new music, how they handle studio sessions together, and more. Read the full interview below!

How are things in the life of Kermesse right now?

Lately we have been working on new music, because we want to refresh and update our live set for 2023. We are also pretty excited about our new EP to come out on The Magic Movement.

You’re about to return to The Magic Movement for the release of your ‘Limbo’ EP, talk us through the four originals featured on this one?

We always want to come back to The Magic Movement because it’s a very professional and well-organised record label. We have a really nice relationship with David and Jens who run the imprint, and it will be our third release on the label.

They give us freedom to create and push us to try new sounds rather than ask us to copy the trends of other producers.

We started the tracks during the pandemic, as during lockdown we had a feeling of limbo where we didn’t know what was going to happen next. It took a long time to produce the four tracks on the release and there were many twists and turns through the creative process.

Was there no discussion of including any remixes on the EP?

Yes, we want to first focus on the original tracks, but if the release does well, then there is likely to be a follow up release with some remixes. The first release focuses on our originals, as we are very proud of those tracks, so we wanted them to be the main focus.

Previously you’ve released your music on Kamai Music and Sol Selectas, which other imprints might we see you work with in the near future?

Right now, we are focusing on the labels we already work with, as we are very selective about where we release our music, as we try to focus on quality instead of quantity.

And are there any labels you hope to work with at some point in your career?

It’s sometimes hard for us to find new record labels to work with, as the ones that already sign our music set such a high standard, so we want to work with them as much as possible.

You’re of course a duo, how do you manage studio sessions? Are you always in the studio together?

We often start by remotely sharing ideas online and we take turns passing them back and forth until we feel that there is a good foundation of a track. Once we feel that a track is getting close to being finished, then we arrange to meet up and polish the ideas together in the same room.

Who are some up & coming Argentinian artists that you think we should be aware of?

Leloir and Nat Barrera are both Argentinian producers with fresh ideas and a wide taste for good music. They make downtempo tracks with lots of organic sounds that are influenced by Argentinian culture. We would strongly recommend them both.

Thanks for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

We want to wish all who read this a happy year and we hope to meet them “on the road” at one of our gigs.

Kermesse – Limbo EP this March on The Magic Movement.