Interview: KIDSO

Munich-based double act KIDSØ have previously brought their house-focused sound to reputable record labels such as Springstoff, Slowtrane, and esc/ctrl.

Their next release, which arrives in February, will find the pair debut on Amsterdam-based imprint The Gardens Of Babylon. Together with Natascha Polké, they will bring three new originals to the label in the form of their new ‘What If I’ EP.

We recently had a brief chat with the duo, where we go to ask them about the new release, how they found their experience of working with Natascha, what they have coming up next, and more. Get the full discussion with KIDSØ below.

Hi guys, how are things over in Munich right now?

Hi, things are going well at the moment. We are currently planning some live shows for 2023, working on new songs, and looking forward to the release of our ‘What If I’ EP.

How would you describe the three originals on the EP?

The first song, ‘What If I’ was created from a vocal line by Natascha. She sent us the recordings and we composed the song for it. Natascha’s singing is in the foreground, but in the end the song becomes very danceable and groovy.

With the second song ‘Bloom In The Cold’, it was the other way around. We had a finished song and Natascha sang over the track and delivered very cool vocals. The third track is a new interpretation of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes. The song came together after Natascha sung the vocals in her own way, with a lot of tinkering.

When did you first meet Natascha, and how did you find working with her?

We first met about a year ago. We didn’t know each other personally, we just loved her music right from the start. During the first sessions, things worked out great and we got on really well. We love her fragile and calm singing style, which also goes very well with our KIDSØ sound.

The EP will come out on The Gardens Of Babylon in February, how did it come to sign with those guys?

The Gardens Of Babylon put on insanely good events and have very good artists. It’s a great honour for us to release our songs there. The whole team is really nice and helpful.

You have also released music on Springstoff and esc/ctrl in the past, which other labels might we see you on in 2023?

We will release our next songs on the well known Berlin-based Embassy of Music, who are also involved with the esc/ctrl label.

And have you set yourself any goals or resolutions for this year?

We want to be on stage more, performing all our new music.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

We are so happy that covid is largely over and life is getting back to normal. Stay healthy and be nice to each other.

KIDSØ & Natascha Polke – What If I EP is out next month on The Gardens Of Babylon.