Interview: Leandro Silva

Angola native Leandro Silva has developed himself as a DJ, music producer, and label boss over the years, to a point where he’s seemingly ready to take things to the next level.

His catalogue of music includes outings on respected record labels such as MoBlack Records, Witty Tunes, and Piston Recordings, and his latest comes via his very own imprint.

Titled ‘Entice’, the new EP brings three original house tracks to Igual Records for the labels second official release, with the first being an EP from Denker which dropped back in November.

We spoke to Leandro recently, where we spoke about his new tracks, what we can expect to hear from him going forward, and his thoughts on the Angolan music scene. Read the full interview below.

What have you been up to this week so far Leandro?

Currently, I am working on my next EP for my label Igual Records. The tracks are being mixed and mastered at the moment, and I am planning my next dates and summer schedule.

You recently returned to the label for the release of your ‘Entice’ EP, how would you describe the three tracks included on this one?

‘Entice’ opens the release and is more of a smooth and catchy track with tight drums and rhythmic percussion. The tracks airy textures and dreamy pads give it a captivating atmosphere. ‘Allure’ is a blend of different house elements in a deep house story. Here, the idea was more of a dynamic drum pattern and percussion fusing through the track. ‘Enchant’ features a rhythmic and natural drum pattern, with many delicate melodies and subtle harmonies supporting the groove.

And it’s all original music, was there no talk of remixes?

In fact, there was. D-Compost was invited along with other producers. A vinyl release is planned though there is a long waiting list to press, there will be 300 copies of the remix EP available soon.

You’ve previously signed your music to record labels such as MoBlack Records, Witty Tunes, and Piston Recordings, which other labels might we see you on soon?

Honestly, I’m more focused on releasing on my own label, where I can release the music I believe in and have total control over it. I am grateful, of course, for releasing on those big labels, and I will again if things align musically, because they helped me get noticed and travel to countless cities.

You’re from Angola, how would you describe the country’s club scene right now?

It keeps growing! After Club-T, the first house-only bar in 1999, other bars like Chill Out and Elinga Bar have helped introduce house music to a growing audience by hosting top-class DJs like Marc Romboy, Robert Babicz, and Funk D’Void. The number of small promoters increased – which is a good sign – and more top DJs were invited, including Dana Ruh, Jimpster, Pablo Bolivar, and Phonique. A number of large events and stages have appeared since then, sometimes attracting crowds of 10,000+ with Black Coffee, Bob Sinclar, and Roger Sanchez, to name a few, as headliners. Africa is developing a lot, not only in terms of infrastructure but also musically, as we are now more open.

And who are some other Angolan talents that you think we should be checking out?

Right away I can point to Chris Vough, who can really read a crowd despite his young age, and Wilson Kentura, who is an excellent producer and has been climbing charts in the music stores. The veterans Claudio Silva and Gilson F are my favourites, and are definitely worth checking out.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Sometimes you just have to trust the process. The “no” is always granted, so insist even if you are sceptical. Go ahead, you won’t regret it later.

Leandro Silva – Entice EP is out now on Igual Records.