Interview: LEV

Lev is the newest moniker of London-based producer James Levey, who has previously released music on imprints such as Anjunadeep and Nothing Else Matters with his collaborative ‘My Friend’ alias.

The latest sound to come from the Lev project arrives in the form of his brand new remix for Riigs and Skenna’s ‘Cristal Shore’ original, which just dropped on their Londam label.

We got the chance to have a brief chat with the British artist, where we got to ask him about how he approached the remix in the studio, what to expect from Lev going forward, and which producers are on his remix bucket list. Get the full discussion with Lev below.

Hi Lev, I hope you’re well. How are things going in London at the moment?

Hey guys! London is great at the moment, very cold!

You recently released your new remix for Riigs & Skenna’s ‘Cristol Shore’, how did you approach the project when you first received the parts?

I think I took two sounds from the stems, a pad and I chopped a tiny part out of the original lead sound and wrote the record around that. With remixes I tend to only give myself a few small bits from the original track, it’s a lot easier to go my own way using that method I think.

It’s one of the first tracks from your new alias ‘Lev’, what made you want to start a new project?

I think just to mix it up a bit really, I don’t like to pigeon hole myself too much with one sound. Plus I don’t have an outlet for the more melodic chilled stuff so it seemed like the right thing to do. Also working on Lev stuff definitely gives me a creative break from my other projects, which I think you definitely need to keep things fresh!

And which labels might we expect to see Lev on in the coming months?

Good question, I’d probably like to get something on Anjunadeep at some point!

How about ‘My Friend’, what plans do you have for that?

We actually have our debut show at Printworks tomorrow for Anjunadeep, which will be very fun indeed. We have finished for releases this year but have a truck load of stuff already signed and in the pipeline for 2023!

Is there a track you would love to remix at some point in the future?

I’d love to remix an old Deadmau5 or Eric Prydz track one day!

Anything else to plug?

Be Merry, it’s Christmas!

Riigs & Skenna – Cristol Shore (Lev Remix) is out now on Londam.