Interview: Luis Miranda

Spanish-born, now Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Luis Miranda continues his current run of good form with another new track on American techno label Octopus Recordings.

Previously, Luis’ keen approach to making music has seen him release his productions on a number of strong labels, including the likes of Odd Recordings, Tronic, KD RAW, and Nervous Records.

We recently got the chance to ask him a couple of questions, where we spoke about everything from his new track Vimana, to his plans for future releases, and what he thinks about the current L.A club scene. Get the full discussion with Luis Miranda below.

Hey Luis, we hope you’re good, tell our readers what you have been up to this week?

Hi, and happy new year, I’m just back in LA after two weeks in Madrid visiting my family. This is an especially busy week as I’m setting up my new studio, but I’m super excited about getting back to making new music for 2022!

You just released a track on Octopus Recordings new ‘Warehouse Focus’ VA, talk us through your track ‘Vimana’?

The inspiration for this track came after watching a documentary about Indian mythology, where Vimana were flying palaces, sort of like ancient battle spaceships. I liked that concept and started to play with a synth bass on Serum, and some drums that made me imagine myself playing on top of a Vimana.

That image took me to add some more synths and textures that brought the extra energy and tension to get the warehouse vibe I wanted. The result was a vibrant warehouse track that shakes any dancefloor from the top of your personal Vimana.

The release also includes music from Michelle Sparks, Maxie Devine, Edetto, and Ignacio Arfeli, what are your thoughts on the other tracks?

It’s an honor to share the VA with such talented names. Each track has its own solid vibe and character, and above that, I like that when you close your eyes and listen to any track of the VA, you can imagine yourself enjoying them in a warehouse party!

Previously you’ve also released music on Odd Recordings, Tronic, and Nervous Records, what do you look for in a potential label partnership?

The goal is to build a relationship, so I look for a mix of key elements: professionalism, credibility, humanity connection, and obviously that they believe in my music and match with the vibe I’m producing.

And which other labels might we see you release with in the near future?

I’m very happy for my debut on Codex this April, and a new EP on KD Raw in March. Besides that, I’m also finishing other exciting projects that I will reveal soon.

You’re Spanish, but are now based out in L.A, what inspired such a big move?

I moved to L.A nine years ago following a job offer in my career as a brand strategist. I’ve always enjoyed living abroad and discovering new cultures. Before landing in LA I had lived in Singapore and London.

And what are your thoughts on the current L.A club scene for techno music?

I think L.A has a solid techno scene with plenty of great local talent. There are several collectives like 6AM, Incognito, Dirty Epic, Synthetik Minds, Escape The System, Observe, to name a few, that work hard for it. You can enjoy the underground vibe through plenty of warehouse parties and raves, as well as some big production parties with raw, dark, and rave techno as the dominating genres.

The community component is very alive and is helping to grow and drive a collaborative passion for pushing forward the techno scene in Los Angeles, and I’m grateful to enjoy it and be a part of it.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, anything else you’d like to mention before we go?

Thanks for having me and thank you to everyone who has been supporting my artist career and music. Hopefully this 2022 we will be able to enjoy techno together, safely, and without cancellations.

Luis Miranda – Vimana is out now on Octopus Records.