Interview: Maritime Yacht Club

Since finding massive success with their ‘Got A Feeling’ collaboration back in 2013, which was undoubtably one of the biggest house tracks of that year, Josh Butler and José Rosa have launched a new project together, Maritime Yacht Club.

The pair are working on releasing a full length album this year, and they’ve just dropped their brand new single ‘Change’, a vocal-touched club track that highlights the best of their talents.

We asked them both a couple of questions, where we spoke about their decision to work together again, what they might have cooking for the near future, and what a typical studio session might look like for Maritime Yacht Club.

Hey guys, we hope you’re well. How is life treating you at the moment?

Good thanks, we’ve been keeping busy, we finished the album and had a bit of time off and now we’re back to it making music again.

2023 saw you debut the new project, we assume this stemmed from the success you shared with ‘Got A Feeling’ back in 2013?

Yeah, we’ve been good friends since before ‘Got A Feeling’ and always had some projects going along the way but during lockdown we decided to get our heads together a bit more which is when Maritime Yacht Club started to form.

And does the story pick up where it left off a decade ago?

We are hoping so but musically we have been able to experiment a bit more with different sounds and instruments.

You’ve so far released one track under Maritime Yacht Club, with the second ‘Change’ dropping last week, talk us through the new release?

We have a busy release schedule in the build up to the album. ‘Change’ is one of our favourites because of the sound design and the feeling that went into it. We are hoping that comes across to the listener.

What does a what a typical Maritime Yacht Club studio session look like?

To be honest we’ve just been having a good time making music and it all just seems to flow, we have tried to be diverse in our sound, just making what we are feeling at that time and they all just seem to come pretty naturally.

Will you be showcasing live vocals during your shows or keeping things strictly DJ-based?

We are planning to do both, We have started to think on how we will pull our live set together.

And which other labels might we see Maritime Yacht Club on?

We are self releasing our first album, but we’ve got some plans for the future.

Is there anything you want to add before we go?

If people want to hear more about the project then follow us on our socials. Thanks.

Maritime Yacht Club – Change is out now.