Interview: MSDMNR

Miro Pajic, otherwise known as MSDMNR, has released his original music on labels like Illegal Alien Records, City Noise, WHIPBASS, and Dead Cert. Records in the past.

The Berlin-based artists own self-titled MSDMNR imprint has also seen its fair share of sonic gems too, with Modern Doom, Adriana Lopez, TESST, and Krenzlin all making appearances in recent years.

Miro now returns to his own label, this time to release his debut artist album ‘Systematic’. The record boasts 12 original productions from the MSDMNR project, and is definitely the most ambitious venture the label have embarked upon up to now.

We spoke to him to ask about the process of making the album, what he has planned for the near future, and how he finds living in Berlin at the moment. Get the full discussion with Miro Pajic below.

Hey Miro, how are things for you in Berlin at the moment?

Well, Berlin right now reflects what‘s going on in the scene. Things change so rapidly that I can barely keep up. I have lived here since 2006, so in many senses I’ve been there, done that. Besides occasional visits to good old Berghain for new inspiration, I mostly keep to myself and love making new music.

You’re about to release your debut album ‘Systematic’, what can people expect to hear from you on this one?

This album represents myself from the most intellectual, to the most raw and primitive side. I often hear a well curated album, which are just a bunch of crazy tracks stuffed together, but with Systematic I tried to create a better overall picture with a solid build up, and story line intertwined with creativity and tension.

What’s something you learnt in the process of making the album?

I have been making music a long time now, since the mid ’90s, but this album was a great reminder to me of the importance of firstly having a simple idea in mind, then growing the project into something substantial in small increments to end up with the final package.

It comes on your own self-titled imprint, how important is it for you to have full control of the project, compared to releasing it on another label?

For this album I had my original vision and I wanted it to be released without any compromises, and the slow process of lots of back and forth exchanges etc, so it was very important to keep the development as streamlined as possible and fluid from start to release.

And who else can we expect to see on the label in the coming months?

I hope to be able to share some news soon, it’s top secret.

Will you be releasing your own music on any other labels before the end of the year?

Yes I have some plans in place, but unfortunately I can’t share the details yet.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thanks for inviting me for a catch up, and I hope everyone enjoys discovering my new album as much I enjoyed creating it. I do hope techno can remain clear and pure, pushing out the social media dominant aspects that have spoiled it so much in recent years.

MSDMNR – Systematic LP is out now on MSDMNR.