Inflyte: Orly Gal

Emerging Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Orly Gal enters a new chapter of her career next month as she launches her own record label, HDDNSYMBLS.

Previously she has also released music on outfits such as KD RAW and Haustronaut Recordings, and her latest ‘Just Ise’ original will be the first release on the new label, alongside a remix from Insider.

We spoke to Orly Gal briefly, where we got to ask her about the new label, getting remixed by Insider, and what else she might have coming soon. Read the full discussion below.

So, how are things in the life of Orly Gal right now?

Extremely busy – playing gigs, releasing music, and starting my imprint has taken the majority of my time the last year.

You’re about to launch your very own record label ‘HDDNSYMBLS’, what made you want to become a label owner?

I found myself asking what the ‘right’ label means to me, what do those labels have to offer, and does my sound ‘fit the mold’. The reason that we as artists release on labels is for the support and the recognition that comes with being a part of that label. The market for raw, driving, experimental techno labels is growing and I decided it was time to create a platform for myself and other artists which don’t quite ‘fit the mold’.

The first release comes from yourself, titled ‘Just Ise’, what can people expect to hear on the original side of this one?

‘Just Ise’ was born as a demand for justice and freedom of expression for the community. The track is a raw, driving study intended to evoke heartfelt angst among listeners.

And it also includes a remix from Insider, how did his edit meet your expectations?

Insider’s work has always been an inspiration to my sound growing up. When I approached him this past spring with the original cut of ‘Just Ise’, we talked about how the juxtaposition between our personal sounds could make for a pretty solid collaboration. His remix is a testament to his approach to music creation, which I’ve always been a massive fan of.

Which other names might we see on the label going forward?

I don’t want to disclose too much, but we’ve got a pretty robust release schedule leading into 2023. Stay tuned!

Your own music has also come out on KD RAW and Haustronaut Recordings in the past, will you be working with any other labels in the coming months?

I will! We’ve been in talks with other partners about future releases and collaborations and can’t wait to share the details on those soon.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thanks for having me and I appreciate the catch up!

Orly Gal – Just Ise EP is out November 18th on HDDNSYMBLS.

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