Interview: PRØVOST

American DJ, producer, label boss, and club owner PRØVOST has welcomed some of the biggest names in techno to play at his Brooklyn-based nightclub, Techno Brooklyn.

The club also shares its name with a record label, where the likes of Gary Beck, Teenage Mutants, and Marco Bailey have released music alongside the founders.

PRØVOST returns to the label this week, for the release of his new 2-track ‘My Feeling’ EP, which alongside the title track also includes b-side original ‘Disco Lights’.

We got the chance to speak with him briefly, to ask about the new EP, what we can expect from both him and the label in the near future, and what a typical day for him might involve. Get the full discussion with PRØVOST below.

Hi Ryan, how are things for you over in Brooklyn at the moment?

Hey there, thanks for having me. Things are going well over here in Brooklyn. Lots of exciting things happening.

You’re co-founder of the Brooklyn-based club and record label ‘Techno Brooklyn’, what does a typical day as a club owner and label manager involve?

Ever since starting the label and radio show for the brand, things have gotten extremely busy. I’ve had the chance to work with some incredible artists so far and am working on some super exciting things for 2023. Besides that, day to day operations and pushing the brand in a positive direction is what I set my goals to.

You’re about to return to the label for your new ‘My Feeling’ EP, what can we expect to hear from the two tracks on this one?

I decided to take ‘My Feeling’ and re-work the classic club track with the famous Alexander O’Neal vocal hook. I added some of my signature synth and drum elements to it to make it my very own version, and I think it came out quite nice.

The B-side consists of ‘Disco Lights’, which to me is my favourite of the two. The main synth line is what really brings this tune together, along with the vocal hook ‘jack to the morning light’, which was a last minute addition to the track, luckily it ended up fitting perfectly.

You have also released music on imprints like Neverwhere, Fervour, and Nothing But, which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

I’m in talks with a few of my favourite labels, and will hopefully have some confirmations coming soon. Stay up to date on my social media pages to find out!

And Techno Brooklyn has hosted productions from names such as Gary Beck, Teenage Mutants, and Marco Bailey, who can we expect to see on there soon?

I’m working on a special release compilation that will consist of music from Joey Beltram, Bruce Zalcer, and a few other top names. Super excited to get this one out.

What’s your favourite label besides your own?

I’d have to say my favourites are We Are The Brave, Tronic, Drumcode, Uncage, and Trick. Loving every release these guys are putting out.

Thanks for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up?

Stay true to your sound and keep pushing!

PRØVOST – My Feeling EP is out October 7th on Techno Brooklyn Records.