Interview: Rawfox

Emerging studio talent Rawfox has already jumped at the opportunity to release his music with labels such as Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains, as well as Cube Recordings, and Materials in the past

This month saw the London-based artist bring his latest sonic offering to our feeds, and it’s his biggest yet. His 4-track ‘Hit’ EP comes courtesy of Patrick Toppings TRICK, which for the last few years has consistently been one of the most impressive labels in club music.

We got the chance to speak briefly with Rawfox, where we got to ask him about the new release, how it came to land on TRICK, what he might have coming down the road, and more. Get the full discussion below.

Hi mate, I hope you’re well. How has your week been so far?

Hey, I’m buzzing this week. Mega week! My ‘Hit’ EP came out, best Christmas present ever. I’m getting so much love from people saying how much they dig the tunes. And I want to say a big thank you to everyone around the world for loving and supporting my music.

The EP features four original tracks, how would you describe the release to someone that hasn’t heard it yet?

I would say it’s got energy and soul. None of the tracks sound the same either, so the whole EP is interesting and flows from start to finish. It’s an EP where you’ll never skip a song. It’s strong and catchy too, the songs stick in your head. And you’ll be singing the hooks, trust me.

It comes on Patrick Topping’s TRICK imprint as your debut with the label, how did it come to sign with those guys?

My manager sent Patrick some of my tunes and he was into my stuff. He chose the tunes he wanted for Trick, I want to big up Patrick Topping for liking my music. He told me I stood out from the loads of demos he gets sent each week. So, I’m blessed to have been chosen for Trick. I love the stuff they put out also, so I feel at home there. Their whole team is amazing.

You’ve also released music on Kneaded Pains, Material, and Cube Recordings, what is your typical process when it comes to signing new music?

I just make Rawfox music, like I said before it has energy and soul. And which ever label it lands on, that’s where it’s meant to be.

And which labels might we expect to see you on soon?

Hopefully Trick again (fingers crossed). And I got a feature on Dense & Pika’s future track coming out on Armada. It’s a mega tune man!

2022 is about to come to an end, what’s something you’re hopeful for in 2023?

To spread the Rawfox word to more people around the world. And to just make mega unique tunes.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I’m excited for 2023 because I got some exciting things coming up the pipeline. Once again, big up all the Rawfox fans. They’re the best! And thanks for the opportunity for letting me do this interview. Peace.

Rawfox – Hit EP is out now on TRICK.