Interview: Robert Hoff

Having formerly established himself under the guise of Robert S (PT), the Portuguese producer has now switched to releasing music under his more recently launched Robert Hoff moniker.

The project has seen outings with imprints such as Soniculture, Planet X Recordings, and his own Robert Limited, the latter of which has also seen appearances from Arjun Vagale, Charlotte De Witte, and Hans Bouffmyhre.

Next up on Robert’s release schedule, we find him make his debut on Sleaze Records with an excellent 4-track techno EP titled Testpilot.

We caught up with him to chat about the new release, what inspired him to make changes to his sound, and what bits of hardware he’s using in the studio lately. Get the full discussion below.

Hi Robert, let’s start with your new Testpilot EP on Hans Bouffmyhre’s Sleaze Records, how did the tracks come together on this one?

It’s nice the way the Testpilot EP was born, because I changed my studio and I decided to use my Pulsar 23 and my tiny modular machine, and then I started messing around with just those two machines and everything just happened naturally. Sometimes I like to change the position of my equipment in the studio, because that gives me extra motivation and ideas.

You were previously releasing music as Robert S (PT), can you tell us what inspired the new beginning, and how the two are different?

The direction I was pulling from my Robert S (PT) project was not what I wanted anymore, I was producing music that I didn’t really like and releasing it because some labels were asking me for music all the time. It was quite strange and confusing for me at that time, I also moved to Berlin and it was there where I rediscovered myself. I went to Berghain for the first time and it changed my life and the way I see techno.

Your back catalogue includes releases with some interesting labels, which other imprints might we see added to that list in the coming months?

The Robert Hoff project has released music on Robert Limited, Soniculture, Exos’, Planet X, INNSIGNN, and the next will be Sleaze Records. At the moment I want to keep my focus on my own Robert Limited project, But I’m slowly preparing some tracks for other labels in the future.

What does your production setup consist of these days?

Modular synths, some drum machines, and Ableton is what I have been using. I am expecting to leave software very soon in favour of a full hardware setup.

Can you introduce some Portuguese artists that we should be aware of right now?

Funny, because today I asked a friend this question and he asked me the same. There is a lot of new talent arising in Portugal, at the moment I can’t suggest one favourite, but just keep an eye out for some great stuff coming through.

What advice would you give to anyone that is just starting their journey as a techno producer?

First discover yourself, and then do it with love.

How is the club scene in Portugal at the moment, are clubs opening again?

A bit early to answer honestly, but the club scene is moving again now, we were closed for almost two years and I think now is the moment to give some valour to what we had before. Yes, I finally have some gigs in the following months, and can’t wait to see the people clubbing and enjoying themselves again.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we wrap up?

I hate trance!

Robert Hoff – Testpilot EP is out November 26th on Sleaze Records.