Interview: Toni Dextor

With a catalogue of music that includes releases on Planet Rhythm, Off Recordings and made of CONCRETE, Toni Dextor has made himself a strong contender amongst the next generation of German techno producers.

The Berlin-based talent recently debuted on ADROIT with his new Complex EP, which combines three different original tracks with an excellent remix offering from studio veteran Oliver Deutschmann.

Talking with Toni recently, we got to ask him all about the new release, what he thinks of Oliver’s edit, how he’s been handling the pandemic, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You just debuted on Adroit with your new Complex EP, tell us about the original tracks on the release?

For me, Complex is an impulsive track which keeps you on the dance floor. The straight bassline and concise melody are really catchy. It reminds you of an excessive evening and the high point which could last forever.

Type X embodies the point of the evening when you realize that it could go on forever. You actually wanted to go home three hours ago, but now you don’t even think about when it might be time to steer towards bed. Something is going to keep you in the club. Type A is something to finish off. It calms you down. You can end the night and can go home happy.

And it also includes a great remix from Oliver Deutschmann, what did you think of his edit when he first sent it back?

First of all I need to say, that I’m super happy to have Oli on board. From the very first time I played his tracks and listen to his sets. It is an overwhelming feeling when you can suddenly work with someone like him.

I love to hear a remix which sounds totally different to the original. That’s exactly what he did here. His interpretation of Type X is a great contrast to the original. Nice and playful and it keeps you until the last second. Definitely a successful track!

Alongside Adroit, you’ve also put tracks out with made of CONCRETE, Planet Rhythm and Off Recordings, what kind of things do you consider when looking at a label for a release?

For me it’s more important who and what is behind the label. Made of CONCRETE is like family to me. It’s the perfect mix of longstanding friendship and love of the music. The chemistry needs to be right. It should never be about just publishing tracks because it has value.

It also worked out pretty quickly with the guys from Adroit, I noticed them through different publications and thought to myself “that might fit”. We got in touch and we had a good level straight away, and this is super important to me. With Planet Rhythm, an eternal dream came true for me. So many of my favorite artists are releasing there. Suddenly me too, a great feeling.

And which other labels might we expect to see you on in the near future?

This is a good question, time will tell. The most important thing for me is to have a good base. I prefer to work continuously with labels for a long time. I am currently very satisfied and feel that I am in good hands. Which shouldn’t mean that I’m not open to new things, my last demos went to Soma.

You’re based in Berlin, a city renowned for having a vibrant techno scene, do you think clubs being shut has changed the city at all during the pandemic?

Absolutely! You can’t recognise the city at the moment. Clubs are currently having a hard time and are fighting more and more for their existence. We can only hope that it will get back to normal as soon as possible.

And how much are you looking forward to getting back on the dancefloor?

I was never the guy who went partying every weekend. But it had to be regular. Now you don’t even have the option to do it for over a year. Meanwhile you are longing to take part in the nightlife again, no matter which role.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2021?

The goal is to keep on going and hopefully be able to play again soon. Without the influence of nightlife, it is sometimes difficult to come up with ideas. Unfortunately, most of my influences are not collected at home on the couch.

And who is one artist that you think are going to do massive things this year?

There are some good artists who could achieve a lot this year. It’s hard to name one. Introversion and Shaleen are definitely artists who you will hear a lot more.

Toni Dextor’s Complex EP is out now on Adroit.