Interview: Unknown7

This week will see the release of the debut album from Milan-based artist Unknown7. Coming via his own Distrikt Records imprint, the Italian producer delivers his Another Side LP, which features 10 new productions that span across an eclectic collection of genres.

Alongside his Distrikt imprint, his music has also made appearances on a number of well respected labels in the house music space, with Desolat, Glasgow Underground, Rawthentic, and NONSTOP all releasing his productions in the past.

We caught up with Unknown7 to ask him about the inspiration behind the new album, how he decides on who to release music from on Distrikt, which other labels he might be releasing with himself, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You’re about to release your new Another Side LP on your own Distrikt Records imprint; why is now the right time for you to release your debut album?

I’m not able to tell when the right moment is to drop my first album, but I have been working on this project for almost two years; I believe this is the right moment for you to listen to it, even though in Italy clubs are closed, and this situation could affect the impact of the album’s release.

Did you plan to release it with Distrikt from the beginning, instead of sending it out to other labels?

Yes, I always planned to release it on Distrikt. I wanted to put myself in the game, publishing my album on my label because it includes several genres, representing different musical influences, contributing to my personal growth. If I had released the album as a demo, I probably would have divided the tracks into separate EPs.

Other releases on Distrikt have come from Paul Cart, Michael Vitrani, and Andrea Abbate; what makes you decide to sign an EP or not?

I founded Distrikt with my friend Dino Saints, to find new & emerging talents who dedicate their time to music, as we do. I know what having a person who believes in your work means! We are open-minded to new vibes, but we focus on minimal, deep house, tech house, and house. Never mind who you are and what you’ve done, we are looking for new ideas and quality products.

And who else might we expect to see on the label in the near future?

Names such as Sessanta6, Michelle Tallè, Alessandro di Ruggero, and many more. I’m very proud to work with them because they are outstanding artists and also friends of mine. In the last few months, I gave voice to Italian talents, which is a great satisfaction because I believe that there’s so much hate among artists in our country.

How about your own music, which other labels will we see you on soon?

I guess my fans should answer this question. I hope I’m going to always share something through my music. I’m pretty satisfied with my work, even though it never feels enough. Talking about new labels, I’m currently working on new tracks for Revival, Ibiza talents, Sk Recordings, and Cocoa. I’ve built a good relationship with these labels, and I’m looking forward to working with them.

You’re based in Milan, a city with a deep history of art and culture, what’s your thoughts on the local club scene around that area of Italy?

I was born and raised in Milan, but I currently live in a small town close to the city. I believe the town is lovely; you can find many different and fascinating places. Its music scene is so important in Italy; it has always hosted all kinds of events uniquely. I think it’s one of the cities that best represents our country on the international club scene.

And what’s one thing unrelated to music that you love about living near Milan?

I dedicate most of my life to music. I currently live in a tiny country town, but I try to go to Milan any time I can. The thing I like to do the most, except for music, is skateboarding and Milan has such good spots either in the city or in the parks. I’ve always used this passion as my safety valve.

Unknown7 – Another Side LP is out January 28th on Distrikt Records.