JC Laurent talks launching Cielo Records, new 'Transparency' EP, & more

Previous outings on record labels such as Coyu’s Suara Music, as well as Hidden Recordings, have given JC Laurent a solid foundation to develop himself as an artist.

The emerging French DJ & producer is now aiming to channel his experience into the launch of his very own imprint, Cielo Records.

The label will kick off on April 12th with the release of a new 4-track EP from JC himself, which has so far seen support from a number of techno heavyweights, including Marco Bailey and Charlotte de Witte.

We caught up with JC recently, where we spoke about his reasons for wanting to become a label owner, his thoughts on his new EP, and what we can expect from both Cielo Records and himself in the near future. Read the conversation in full below.

Hi JC, how is life in France at the moment?

Life is pretty sweet here in the South of France, but we can’t escape a good ol’ dose of political and social drama (again).

You recently announced the forthcoming launch of your own label, Cielo Records, why is now the right time for you to become a label owner?

I’ve been down this road two times before with Minority’s Recordings and Grey Parts. My previous attempts at creating a label fell short because I lacked the financial and production resources to create a truly professional product. But since then, I’ve learned from my mistakes and put in the hard work to make it happen.

And the first release will be your own ‘Transparency’ EP, talk us through the four originals on this one?

These tracks were created last fall during a time when I was soul-searching about my relationship with electronic music and life in general. They are a direct reflection of my emotions during that period, and the result of my questioning.

Was there no talk of remixes?

Of course, I’ve considered it. But for now, my main objective is to establish my personal identity with the first releases.

The tracks have already seen support from Charlotte de Witte and Marco Bailey, that must be really encouraging for the labels first release?

Receiving positive feedback from established artists is always a great morale boost. It gives me the motivation to keep pushing forward and continue on the path that I’m on.

You’ve also released on the likes of Suara Music and Hidden Recordings, will you still be working with other labels going forward?

Definitely, I’m still planning to pursue it. However, it ultimately depends on my current source of inspiration and finding the time to produce new tracks that align with the vision of these different labels.

What’s something those labels taught you that you’ve carried over to Cielo?

They instilled in me the faith to trust in my music and pursue my passions with unwavering determination.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Hold onto the things that matter most to us, even during tough times.

JC Laurent – Transparency EP is out April 12th on Cielo Records.