Interview: Juany Bravo

Emerging house talent Juany Bravo adds another layer of quality to his already impressive catalogue of music, this time releasing his new track ‘Halfway There’ on Championship Music.

Previously, the Mexico City-based artist has put music out with a long list of top labels in his genre, including the likes of elrow, Toolroom Records, and Nervous Records.

We got the chance to ask him a couple of questions recently, where we spoke about the new release, what he has planned for the near future, and his thoughts on the club scene down in Mexico City. Get the full discussion with Juany Bravo below.

You just released your new single ‘Halfway There’, which features Sam Opoku, what’s the message you want to send with this one?

First off, thanks for having me! The message behind the lyrics for the track have to do with having the courage to migrate to another country to try your luck, which is something that resonates heavily with Sam and I, as we both immigrated to the USA.

And how did you get introduced to Sam and end up working with him?

I was introduced to Sam via the label manager for Championship Music. He sent me a few demos of Sam’s vocals, and I knew I had to work with him.

This release finds you adding Championship Music to a catalogue which already includes Toolroom, elrow, and Nervous Records, what attracted you to wanting to work with Championship?

I’ve known the label manager there for many many years, and we’ve been talking about me releasing music with him, and when the track with Sam came about, we knew it made sense to do it.

Which other labels might we see added to that list in the coming months?

I’ve just released a track on Tom & Collins’ Terms & Conditions imprint, and I am also launching my own label later this year!

And one label you would absolutely love to work with eventually?

Oh, that’s a tough one! I would love to release music on Crosstown Rebels, 8bit, Knee Deep in Sound, and Afterlife.

You’re currently based in Mexico City, how has the club scene there been for you?

Mexico City has been amazing! So many amazing clubs here with a booming scene. I’ve had the pleasure of playing some really reputable venues here, and I can’t recommend this city enough.

Can you recommend one emerging talent in the city that we should check out?

Absolutely! I have to shout out my good friend Aaron Sevilla. He is an amazing DJ and producer based here in Mexico City, who is also putting on some great events. Be on the lookout for a collab with him coming out later this year! I also have to give props to Cami Scopel, she’s an up-and-coming DJ with top quality music selection.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

The pleasure is mine! Thank you all for having me! Just want to show love to everyone who has supported my music and my journey over the years. As an artist, the love and support from fans and friends is everything!

Juany Bravo ft. Sam Opoku – Halfway There is out now on Championship Music.