Interview: Kasper Bjorke

Releases on labels such as Kompakt, Correspondant, and Multi Culti have given Danish artist Kasper Bjorke the platform to share his sound with an appreciative and highly attentive audience.

Now releasing his new album Sprinkles, the Copenhagen-based producer returns to German outlet Hfn Music, where he has previously released works like Water, and Nothing Gold Can Stay.

The 13-track Sprinkles LP was recorded and produced during a stay at his family cabin on the Danish coast, during the various periods of covid-induced lockdown.

It combines an eclectic mix of genres, with everything from ambient and house, to nu disco and acid coming through your speakers as you glide from one track to the next.

We asked Kasper about the new album, how staying in a cabin influenced his creativity, which labels he might be releasing on next, and more. Get the full discussion and listen to Sprinkles below.

Hey Kasper, we hope you’re good right now, tell our readers what you have planned for today?

I’m very well thank you, hope you are too!

I’m just working on some stuff in the studio, answering a bunch of post-holiday emails and then later visiting some friends who just got a house outside Copenhagen (which is the new trend). Pretty drowsy day after the summer holiday, I must say, slowly getting back into gear. Maybe the 2nd shot of the vaccine is catching up to me.

And you’re about to release your new Sprinkles LP on Hfn Music, what’s the core message you want to send with this one?

I wanted to make a positive, bright and feel good album that makes you want to party and forget your troubles, sort of a pool party vibe really. There is no deeper meaning to it, actually it’s a bit of an escapism project for me that I made during lockdown, hoping for better times. And here we are, the world is opening up, adapting to life again.

It’s of course important to remember that there are many big, important issues in the world right now that needs everyones attention, especially the climate crisis, but I’ve found it necessary to tap out of it once in a while and this is what that album is for.

You produced quite a bit of the album isolated in a cabin in Denmark, what brought on that decision?

Me, my kids and my girlfriend spent around half the time during lockdown in the cabin by the ocean, and after a while I started to really miss DJing and the energy I used to get from playing gigs. So I spontaneously started to sit down every time my two year old daughter would nap in the afternoon and then just put down some rough ideas on my laptop. That’s how the album was born.

And how did it influence you creatively?

I think being surrounded by nature and the ocean subconsciously affected the music so that it became almost balearic at times and definitely dream house inspired. I recorded most of it during the dark winter months but I was really trying to get some sunlight into the music and it was my main ambition for it to be a summer album and have it out this summer.

You’ve released a lot of your music with Hfn Music, you must have developed a close relationship with the team by now?

I certainly have, yes. They are a really hard working and a super professional team and are very open minded.

Other labels in your catalogue include Kompakt, Correspondant, and Eskimo, which other imprints might we see added to the list in the near future?

I have a collab track on Permanent Vacation with Modular Project for the new Permanent Vacation 7 compilation thats coming out the same day as my album (timing could be better I must admit). And then I will be returning to Kompakt in the second half of next year. No other plans so far, my time in the studio is limited as I also work in music management which takes up a big proportion of my time.

And do you have a favourite label, besides the ones you’ve signed music to?

I always adored DFA, since their first 12”’s and got close a few times, but it never happened. I also love Running Back and Rush Hour too but I never sent them any music, maybe I should one day.

Thanks for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to add before we wrap things up?

Thank you for the nice questions! Nothing to add – except, go listen to Sprinkles and get one of the limited edition vinyls.

Kasper Bjorke – Sprinkles LP is out now on Hfn Music.