Can you tell us a little bit about the background of the label?
RKS started out as being an outlet for my own music back in 2007 till 2010 then became an outlet for artists just like myself starting out and since then has been a steady progression in moving forward from being predominantly a UK Funky label to being more House, Bass and broken beats label.

Can you describe your role at the label and how long you’ve been there?
I’m the label owner and I started it back in 2007 with the first release Feb 2008

Have you always been into electronic music and who are your favourite artists?
I have been and I’m currently listening to Blawan and I’m a fan of Karizma and Zinc’s Garage/Breaks material.

What are the most significant shifts you’ve seen in recent years in the music business?
I think it has to be the emerge of Grime as of recent plus the House from when I came through as Roska back in 2007/08 to now.

How important is it for you to have a physical product as well as digital?
I prefer having digital out for my label as its a more universal product to move around. It’s great for bigger projects than singles in my opinion.

How important is the promo process for your label?
I feel things shifting where before this was important and it was good to have long lead ups to releases. I feel its good to get the record out to the right people a few weeks before and then release the record and the promo continues where your local DJ’s spin it and the core fans do and hopefully specialist radio continues to spin.

Are there any techniques that you can share about your promo process?
Have some key DJ’s you feel can push the records out and make sure you support the DJ’s that are fans of the label and records that will carry the record for a long time.

What releases do you have coming up that you can tell us about?
I have two dropping in the next month. One is my own titled ‘Refresh’ which is a compilation of my years releases on RKS coming out 20th November plus a Coventry, UK based artist by the name of ‘Suck Fake’ dropping early December

Can you tell us the 5 tracks which best represent the label for you?

  • Roska – Feeline
  • Tickles – Grinding
  • Distro – Thug Girl
  • Naughty – Unstopabble
  • Champion – War Dance