Label Mates: Junior Jack / Adesso Music

Since the later half of 2019, Belgium-based DJ and producer Junior Jack has been developing his Adesso Music imprint into a worthy contender on the European club circuit.

Despite launching in the midst of a global pandemic, the label has seen releases from names like Yousef, Todd Terry, Virak, and Matt Sassari, and now that restrictions are seemingly behind us, things will only go forward from here.

We welcomed Junior to this months edition of our Label Mates series, where he spoke about the early days of the label, what to expect from their new ‘Adesso Music Sessions 01’ album, and his plans for the future of Adesso Music. Get the full discussion below.

You first launched Adesso Music back in 2019, what made you want to become a label owner?

Well I have been a label owner for many years now with Noisetraxx. However I started to make new music with my friend and music partner Pat BDS, so we felt it was better we had a new, fresh label, and Adesso Music was born.

And what were some of the biggest challenges you faced with your first few releases?

We started the label just as the pandemic hit, so we were releasing club tracks with no clubs open to play them in. I don’t think anyone could have imagined or been prepared for the 2 years that subsequently followed.

You’ve since released music from names like Matt Sassari, Darius Syrossian, Todd Terry, and Yousef, how do you decide whether or not to release an incoming demo?

We listen to all the demos that come into the label. Every single one. We can’t reply to everyone unfortunately but they get heard. There are some talented new producers out there and everyone has to start somewhere.

The names you mention like Matt, Darius, Todd, and Yousef, these are all amazing DJs and producers who we asked to remix our tracks, as we felt their talent would add something special to the originals.

Your next release is your 2 year anniversary compilation, titled ‘Adesso Music Session 01’, what can we expect to hear on this one?

The Adesso Music Session 01 compilation was a way for us to draw a line under our first 2 years. There are no new tracks, it’s a wrap of all the original versions we have released to date. We have new people discovering the label all the time and they may not be as familiar with the earlier tracks. We did add a continuous mix of all the tracks on the compilation as an extra bonus.

We plan to do something similar with all the remixes in a couple of months, which will include all the names you mentioned previously plus Harry Romero, Josh Butler, Joeski, Bontan, Patrice Baumel, Butch, Artche, Gorge, Audiojack, Max Chapman, Kolombo, Dale Howard, and James Organ.

And besides that, which other names might we see on Adesso Music in the near future?

More new tracks from Virak, Jochem Hamerling, and James Deron. Plus who knows what else will come along.

Your own music has been released on Play It Again Sam, Kittball, and Defected, what lessons have you learnt from these guys that you’ve carried over into your own label?

Be kind, be professional, work hard, believe in what you are doing, enjoy what you are doing, don’t do it for the money, start off with these values and you are on the right path.

Do you have a favourite label? Besides Adesso Music of course!

Yes, but that’s like asking which of your children is your favourite. There are a lot of incredible labels out there, run by incredible people who release incredible music. It’s impossible to put them in a league table of which is the best.

Thanks a lot for chatting to us, is there anything else you want to plug before we go?

If I am allowed to plug something maybe it should be our forthcoming “plug-in”.

Adesso Music Session 01 is out June 17th on Adesso Music.