Label Mates: Patrick Steppons / Poesie Musik

Since launching back in 2012, Get Physical sub-label Poesie Musik has released a wealth of quality productions from some of the best artists on the European club scene.

Highly in-demand producers such as Ron Flatter, Beatamines, Theo Meier, Gab Rhome, Rafael Cerato, and Tinlicker have previously made appearances on the label, and they will soon mark their 170th release with a new track from Peer Kusiv and Far&High.

We recently spoke to Berlin-based Patrick Steppons, who since 2018 has been the label manager at Poesie. He shares his thoughts on how he signs new music, what he’s learnt from his time with the team, and who we might see release on the label in the near future. Get the full discussion below.

Hey Patrick, how are things in the Poesie Musik offices this week?

Hey guys. Thanks for the invitation! It’s summer season at the moment. We’re releasing and promoting all the festival tracks, preparing our own events, and touring a bit. But I‘m also enjoying the warm days and nights with my family and friends.

Poesie Musik is a sub-label of Get Physical Music, where you worked from 2012 until 2018, what were some of the biggest lessons you learnt from your time at Get Physical?

When I started to work for Get Physical Music it was the beginning of my 20s and I was an absolute newbie in the scene. Of course, I was a musician and DJ, but I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. It was Roland Leesker and Philipp Jung mentoring me at the very beginning, next to all the other lovely people at Get Physical.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people and soaked up all the information. Everything was new and exciting and there was one big lesson after the other you know. To be surrounded by good people with the same vibe, ideas, and objectives pushes me the most. You can achieve way more with a great team. One of my biggest lessons in my life so far.

And then making the switch to become label manager of Poesie Musik in 2018, what were some of the biggest struggles you faced in that role?

After working at Get Physical for 6 years, I felt it was time to go to the next step in life. The offer to take over Poesie Musik as the new label manager came at exactly the right time for me. There were already some great releases and big names on the label, but a new sound and look would suit in my opinion. It was easy to define on a piece of paper, but in reality you had to find the artists that shared your ideas.

At the beginning of my work it was Stil & Bense, Moritz Hofbauer, Ron Flatter, Beatamines, Carlo Whale, Lexer and many more standing for the new Poesie sound. Now we see artists like Helsloot, Earthlife, Rezident, and Felix Raphael next to the previously mentioned ones.

You have since released music from names like Gab Rhome, Ron Flatter, Tinlicker, and Rafael Cerato, what do you look for in an artist when considering them for a release?

First of all I’m a music lover, like we all are. So it doesn’t matter how famous the artist is. Of course, it makes things easier, but the music needs to fit the labels sound and vision. When I start working with new artists, I loved to meet up or at least chat a bit to check out what the artists needs and how we can best support them. As soon as we have a common vision, we can start working together.

And what advice would you give to anyone that wants to sign music with Poesie Musik?

Come up with an idea! Tell me why you want to sign with us. How can we support each other? Everyone can release music quickly nowadays. But just releasing music is not the point. We would work together as partners. It is mine and your hearts’ project we put together. Let’s have a chat first of all.

What’s one essential role in running a label that most people might not be aware of?

All roles are working together as a team. Connecting people and sharing ideas is super important.

The latest release on the label is Far&High’s remix of ‘Peer Kusiv – As We Roll’, what can fans expect from this one?

It was Peer Kusiv who had the idea to ask the Far&High guys for a remix. I’m super happy about the result. It’s an indie house banger, hitting the floors soon.

Who else might we see on Poesie in the coming months?

EarthLife will release their second EP on Poesie soon. Also Helsloot will be back with a collaboration with Tom Zeta, alongside many other artists.

What’s your favourite label, besides Poesie or Get Physical of course?

There are so many great labels. I regularly check labels like Hommage, YION, Meave, Innervisions, Monaberry, and Diynamic, just to name a few. I would like to mention my other label LUKINS, which I run together with friends from my hometown Eberswalde. Another heartfelt project.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks for the interview. It’s a pleasure to work with Inflyte. Keep up the good work and service, and stay healthy.

Peer Kusiv – As We Roll (Far&High Remix) is out August 5th on Poesie Musik.