Started 5 years ago by Affkt in Valencia, Sincopat has grown to become one of Spain’s best loved new labels. They have just released a new compilation, Vomvo, and we caught up with Alberto the label manager to fill us in on the history and concept behind Sincopat.

Can you tell us the background to Sincopat?

Sincopat is a label based in Valencia Spain and we are focussed on releasing music over hype and style. We like to release music for listening not just in the clubs, understanding the roots but always looking at the future.

You’ve just released Vomvo 1, a compilation album. Can you tell us about the concept behind this compilation?

The concept Vomvo was originally created by Sincopat to perform underground electronic music events. The name in Spanish means kick (bombo), but we changed the B for the V. It has undergone thru some of the most important European clubs, like Sankeys (Ibiza), Barraca Valencia, The Wood (Brussels) or Ritter Butzke in Berlin.

Vomvo is as well a concept created by Sincopat to tell a story once per year and working together with selected artists. We have asked them to create a special track for the story. 12 tracks from a healthy roster and representing new talents.

Sincopat pushes a lot of new names, is it more important for you to do that rather than release more established artists?

We try to combine established artists with newcomers. Like label managers are more interested to discover new names, there is such a lot of people doing great music out there.

Which new artists on the label are you excited about, can you tell us something about them?

We have some new artists already signed for the first part of 2015, Unders from Amsterdam has 2 EPs coming on the label, Heston and You & Oui which is a new project by Darlyn Vlys and AFFKT are some more new names.

Do you still release vinyl? If not, why?

Yes we do vinyl on some of the releases but is a difficult market nowadays. I have to say vinyl shop, distributors and manufacturors are mainly responsible for this, they don’t work in a professional way anymore.

How do you deal with demos? Do you listen to everything you are sent?

Yes, we like to listen to each and every demo people send, and we respond to all of them. Communication is essential for us.

Can you tell us a bit about the club scene in Valencia and in the rest of the country?

There is a small scene here in Valencia. After a few years without nothing happening it seems the club scene is rising again, clubs like the legendary Barraca is opening again around once per month.
Cities like Madrid or Barcelona have a bigger scene and some of new underground clubs are appearing in other little cities.

Do you do a lot of label showcases around Spain? Do you ever have to change your style a bit when playing in certain places?

Yes we have done Sincopat showcases and Vomvo parties in Alicante, Barcelona… We have a wide spectrum in Sincopat so is not a problem to play in different places.

And do you do label showcases abroad too? How are they?

Yes we have made a few in places like The Wood (Brussels) and Ritter Butzke (Berlin) and they were super great, but this is just the beginning, in 2015 we are gonna focus as well on developing the VomVo parties in Spain and worldwide.

In what countries is the label most popular?

USA, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy are probably the top countries in term of sales and where the label is most well known. Also starting a good point in South America and Asia.

How important is the feedback on a promo to you? And what are your tips for getting your promos heard by the largest amount of people?

We work a lot the feedbacks of our lists. It is essential for the promotion of the release. Also is a good thing for the distributors, so we take much care of it. It is hard to stand out among the huge amount of music we all receive every week, for sure the most important thing is to count on great names in the release. But also things like artworks are important, and we think that every year people notice more that Sincopat is a synonym of quality in all sense.

What’s your opinion on the new anti-protest law that Spain has introduced?

Well, Spanish government is making some steps back. The anti-protest law is just one of them. Also the Google News issue has been so ridiculous. We definitely need a change…

What is next on the horizon for Sincopat?

We are really excited about the next releases coming in 2015, next release as I said is a new project by Darlyn Vlys and AFFKT call ‘You & Oui’ and includes remixes by Denis Horvart and Los Suruba. Then an EP from AFFKT alongside Sutja on the vocals with Dosem and Villanova remixes… Then Unders EP and for summer Piek and Darlyn Vlys EPs. We also have BeenTouched EPs by Heston, Unders and Upercent.

Finally, can you name 3 key eps on the back catalogue and explain why they are important to you.

John Talabot’s remix to AFFKT’s Once Upon a Time.

Kid Culture’s Visions EP.

and AFFKT’s album Punto 0.

With Talabot’s remix we said hello in the best way possible, with a huge artist. As a first stone it was incredible. Punto 0 was a challenge for us because is not easy to manage an album and an album remixed. We got it with a high mark, with collaborations like Mathias Kaden, Coyu and many more. And lately Darlyn Vlys & Thomas Gandey’s Hero has been a solid piece that has been included in many charts.