Label Mates: Slothacid / Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti has put his music out with some of house music’s biggest labels, including Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird, Desert Hearts Records, and Sincopat.

Alongside being an esteemed producer himself, Robotti also heads up his own imprint, Slothacid, where he has championed sounds from names like Steve Darko and Kevin Saunderson in the past.

Joining us for the latest on our Label Mates series, Sacha tells us all about the beginning of the label, his thoughts on how the Los Angeles club scene differs to that of Europe, and what they have planned for the near future.

You first launched Slothacid back in 2019, what made you decide to start your own label?

The name existed a couple of years before, as well as the sloth logo. I started releasing apparel first, then records under the name Slothacid.

The main reason for starting my own label was that I wanted to have an option to release my own music and music from friends of mine without having to go through other platforms and A&R’s. Also I wanted to create a brand that’s associated with my sound.

And you’ve since released music from names such as Steve Darko, Sammy Legs, Tau0n, and the Saunderson family, what do you look for in an artist when you’re considering them for a release?

First of all I have to like the artist personally and see potential in their skills and hustle. Secondly I want to see that they are driven and unique. Thirdly I have to dig the music that they send me.

You just released a new EP from BOT, what can our readers expect from this one?

BOT “Change You” brings both a 4/4 beat with a hint of dark italo thrown in for good measure, laced with an emotional vocal. This track lights the dancefloor on fire!

Which other names might we expect to see on Slothacid in the coming months?

Andreas Henneberg is releasing two cuts in August on Slothacid, and in September JTJ has an EP featuring vocals of mine!

You’re currently based in Los Angeles, how do you think LA differs to cities like Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona when it comes to house music?

Long story short, I think that the musical influences of a city like LA are more diverse than cities like Berlin, Paris or Barcelona – which all produce amazing music and artistry that cities like LA look up to.

The West Coast of the US, especially California, boasts a special mixture of people from all backgrounds, who are creating music in many different genres. Think about the influence of hiphop, rock, pop, and latin music of all flavours. All that finds its way into house music.

What’s your favourite label besides your own?

I love the classics, like Dance Mania, Trax, Ninja Tune, Mo’Wax, XL Recordings, Tresor, Rephlex, and many more.

And what advice would you give to someone that’s trying to launch their own label in 2021?

If you have the passion and stamina to do it, go for it!

BOT’s Change You EP is out now on Slothacid.