Label Mates: Truncate

Celebrating 10 years of his highly successful, self-titled record label, American DJ and producer Truncate recently returned to the imprint for six new techno cuts which includes original music from himself, as well as remix work from both James Ruskin and Luke Slater.

Since its inception back in 2011, the Truncate label has released music from some of techno’s biggest talents, with everyone from Ben Sims and Josh Wink, to Len Faki and Dustin Zahn making appearances.

We caught up with the label boss to chat about the launch of the imprint back in 2011, how he decides on whether or not to release an incoming demo, and which names we can expect to see on the label in the near future, get the full discussion below!

You first launched the label back in 2011, do you remember why you wanted to start a label?

The reason I started the whole Truncate thing was for DJ tools. At that time I was producing under the name Audio Injection and I wanted to make stripped down DJ tools for myself and friends. I just named the files “Truncate” and whatever number after that.

There was no artists name yet, but as I passed the tracks around, a lot of DJs really liked them and I thought why not release these? So I started putting them out on white labels with just a Truncate stamp. After the first few releases it gained some attention so I just kept it going, and here we are now!

And what were some of the biggest hurdles you faced in the beginning?

To be honest it wasn’t very difficult at all. The whole process starting this new project was fairly easy maybe because I had so much support and friends to help out. I also didn’t think this project would really take off so maybe I didn’t have any expectations.

You’ve since released music from names like Ben Sims, Dustin Zahn, Josh Wink, and Len Faki, what is your typical thought process when it comes to signing new music?

I approach artists that I like and respect, simple as that. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many great artists and having them on my label was the icing on the cake. These days with Truncate digital, I’m working a lot more with newer up & coming artists and I accept demos from everyone as long as the sound fits what I’m looking for. I wish I could describe it exactly but I just know when I hear it.

And which other names might we expect to see on the label in the coming months?

Right now I have releases in the pipeline from Szmer, Bidoben, Elisa Bee, Annika Wolfe, Klint, Carlo Lio, The Southern and more!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Truncate, and you recently dropped a new EP which includes remix work from James Ruskin and Planetary Assault Systems, how did you go about choosing remixers for that one?

Luke and James are artists that I really love and respect and have been a fan of since forever! I thought they would be perfect for the record. What better way to celebrate this milestone with artists like this? I was kinda scared to approach them because I thought they wouldn’t have time or would just pass on the remix, but both of them were super easy to work with. I’m super happy with how this whole record turned out.

You’ve released quite a lot of your own music on the label in general, do you ever second guess the quality of a track, as you’re filling the role of A&R as well as being the artist in that case?

I’m always second guessing myself lol. I guess that’s the struggle of being an artist and an A&R for your own label. But in the end I tell myself, this is my music and my sound. I put out whatever I want. If the people follow and like it, then bonus. If not, oh well!

What’s your favourite label besides your own?

I can’t pick just one favourite but I’m really liking the stuff coming on Rekids, Hayes, Enemy, Uncage, and more!

What advice would you give to anyone that’s considering launching a label of their own?

If you believe in your music then why not release it? But if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons like trying to get in the charts then you’re not being true to yourself. Make the music you love, believe in yourself, and don’t follow the hype!

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

If you think you got some music for Truncate or WRKTRX, send me a demo! I’m always looking for new artists and want to help them grow.

Truncate – First Phase EP is out now on Truncate.