Let's Talk: Christian Nielsen

Previous releases for imprints like Exploited, Sincopat, Stress Records, and Of Unsound Mind have made Christian Nielsen an important piece of the Danish club circuit.

The Copenhagen native recently put his stamp on Maceo Plex’ Ellum Audio, with the release of his new 4-track ‘Come On’ EP towards the end of last month.

We spoke to him briefly to ask about the new release, to talk about his experience in working with other labels, and what he thinks of his local club scene. Get the full discussion with Christian Nielsen below.

Hi Christian, where in the world are you at the moment, and how is your day going so far?

I’m at home in Copenhagen, just on my way home from the studio. Spring is almost here and the sun is out. What more do you need?

You recently returned to Ellum for the release of your new ‘Come On’ EP, what’s the core message people should take away from this one?

The message is to get back into the clubs and dance dance dance! The industry has been suffering for almost two years and it needs all the support it can get.

Do you have a favourite track from the EP?

I think it’s ‘The Hack’, it’s a pretty simple track, so it was a challenge to make the song flow with the main synth.

Previously you’ve also released music with Exploited, Sincopat, and Of Unsound Mind, what qualities do you look for in a label when considering them for a release?

I don’t aim for a specific sound when I go into the studio. Sometimes all the tracks from a session are all techno. Other times it’s melodic, and sometimes almost minimal. My point being is that it has to be a label who will embrace my shifting styles and awkwardness.

And which other labels might we expect to see you on soon?

Well you can expect music on my own Eastbridge label this year. And I also have a release on a big label which I can’t really say yet, but the label name rhymes with ceramic! haha.

You’re Danish, how is the club scene in Denmark now that covid restrictions are continuing to ease?

The scene is back in full force. Clubs are open and people are ready! But it does look to me that some people left the game during those two years and went on to do other things. Damn shame!

And what’s your favourite club to play in Denmark?

I don’t really have a favourite one at the moment, but I’m really looking forward to this years Distortion festival in the middle of Copenhagen.

Who is one emerging Danish artist that everyone should be aware of right now?

You should check out Baime, Radeckt, and Nandu.

Christian Nielsen – Come On EP is out now on Ellum Audio.