Let's Talk: ENiGMA Dubz

British bass music producer ENiGMA Dubz is more than 10 years deep on his journey as an artist, and in that time he’s seen millions of plays on his music, and released tracks on labels like Slime Recordings, and Four40 Records.

Now a label owner himself with his Morii Records imprint, the Birmingham local is releasing a brand new studio album, titled Awakening. The project will see him touch a number of different genres, including D&B, hiphop, and dubstep.

We recently got the chance to speak to him, where we got to talking about his new long player, what the album means to him personally, and what advice he might give to any up & coming producers in the bass music scene. Get the full discussion with ENiGMA Dubz below.

Let’s Talk about your forthcoming album, Awakening, what’s the core message you’re trying to send with this one?

This album is all about where I’m at now as a bass music producer. I touch on all the styles I have a passion for under my ENiGMA Dubz alias, and since my last album around five years ago. I want to show listeners where my head and heart are currently at.

You’ve already released four singles from the album ahead of its release this month, how have you found the reception to those so far?

It really has been class so far, I’d say after around a year of planning, building, and setting the album up, I was a little nervous to finally kick start the campaign, alongside being very excited and pumped, too. So far the reception and feedback has been so sick, I feel very grateful to have such a varied and open minded following who welcome all the different paths the album takes you down.

Will we see any remixes of tracks from the album in the near future?

Yes, it’s definitely in the works, alongside a couple of VIP edits too, which will come first. Watch this space!

In the past you’ve released music on labels like Slime Recordings, and Four40 Records, what do you typically look for in a label when considering them for a release?

I’d say I mainly like to feel a connection with the owner first of all, and the direction of the label. I’ve learned a lot over the years, releasing music on a wide variety of labels, and one thing I’ve really invested in the last 12 months is my own label, Morii Records. It’s proving to be so valuable to be in control of the music and to direct the movement of the releases too.

And what’s your favourite label?

I’d say my favourite label to date would probably be a tie between Deep Dark & Dangerous and DUPLOC, who have built great communities in the dubstep scene. Though there are many others who have been solid to work with.

The album will be accompanied by a tour, which will see you play shows in Denver, Chicago, and Washington, how excited are you for that?

Yes I can’t wait to get back out to the states, the last run of shows at the end of 2021 were a huge success so I’m very excited for these. Also, shortly after returning back to the UK, it’s the album launch night on March 26th, in collaboration with ‘Deep Tempo’ in my hometown, Birmingham, UK.

You’ve been making bass music for more than a decade now, and it’s not the easiest genre to make a living from, what advice would you give to any new or aspiring producers that want to make a career out of it?

I’d say be true to yourself and make the music you have a passion for. Also, experiment and don’t feel afraid to venture outside your comfort zone. I’ve been producing music in many genres for at least 12 years and for a variety of clients as an engineer outside of my own projects too. Doing this has really helped me progress as a musician and hone my production skills.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the album so far, invested in the vinyl, merchandise, and showed love on the various platforms. Whether you’ve bought a physical copy, downloaded, or streamed, I’m really grateful for all the support!

ENiGMA Dubz – Awakening LP is out March 25th on Morii Records.