Interview: Francesca Lombardo

Italian music producer Francesca Lombardo has made a lasting impression with her deep and tech house productions, putting previous releases out with labels like Anjunadeep, Poker Flat Recordings, and Crosstown Rebels.

Her most recent outing finds her debut on Josh Wink’s renowned Ovum imprint, where she releases two brand new original tracks in the form of her ‘Magic Moment’ EP, which also includes a collaboration with vocalist VIKTORIIA, and a Dub mix of the title track.

We got the chance to speak to Francesca about the new release, how she chooses which labels to release her music with, her thoughts on the ‘Life Of Releaf’ initiative, and more. Get the full discussion with Francesca Lombardo below.

Hi Francesca, I hope you’re well at the moment, how has your week been so far?

Hello, nice to meet you. I am good thanks!

Your latest release finds you on Josh Wink’s Ovum imprint, talk us through the two originals, ‘Magic Moment’ and ‘Sea’?

‘Magic Moment’ was made last year, VIKTORIIA had sent me this poem a few years ago. I always knew I was going to use it at one point but was never ready for it. During Covid I decided to finally work on our collaboration, which also made me and VIKTORIIA reconnect.

‘Sea’ was made a bit earlier than that. I have a lot of unfinished projects and I never know what to do with them until they’re finished. When I was working on ‘Sea’, it just felt like the track would be perfect for Ovum, I wanted to release music on the label for a long time. I think both tracks work really well together for Josh Wink’s label.

The third and final track on the EP is a Dub edit of ‘Magic Moment’, how does that differ from the original?

While I was finishing ‘Magic Moment’ I discovered this new sound, like a long pad that I really liked, though I also liked the version without it, which reminded me of a track you would play at an afterparty when the sun comes up. So I decided to keep them both!

How did you come to collaborate with VIKTORIIA?

Me and VIKTORIIA met years ago within the music scene and became friends straight away. As we bonded so much, she decided to donate this poem to me, in case one day I could use it in one of my tracks. And so it happened, a few years later I did. The poem is called ‘Magic Moment’ and I decided to name the EP after it, because it’s so beautiful.

Alongside Ovum, you’ve also released music on Leftroom Records, Armada Music, Bedrock Records, and Poker Flat Recordings, what do you look for in a potential label partnership?

I usually have to have a connection with the label, whether it’s me loving the label or the artists, I have to have a musical connection to release on a label for sure.

You run a couple of labels of your own with Echoe and Echolette, how have you found things with those?

Well, we kind of took a break during Covid, so at the moment we are not releasing, but who knows, once I get all my projects in place I might start again!

You have an initiative called ‘Life Of Releaf’, which promotes reforestation within the music industry, what has the response to the project been like so far?

Obviously the response has been great since reforestation is such an important issue, especially at the start when we were one of the only ones to do it, but there has been an increase of other companies within the music industry, events and airlines for example, that finally began planting trees, so the donations have gone down since people sometimes prefer to donate in other ways which might be easier.

And what are some of your long term goals with the campaign?

We keep raising money and use the brand to bring more awareness. We might organise more events in the future now that Covid is finally over!

Francesca Lombardo – Magic Moment EP is out now on Ovum.