Let's Talk: Hammer

Originally from Belfast, but now based out of London, DJ, producer, and label owner Hammer continues to develop as an artist as he makes his debut with Barcelona’s Clash Lion imprint, which is headed up by Terr, Shall Ocin, and Daniel Watts.

The Irish talent has previously worked with some of the top record labels in UK club music, with the likes of Hotflush Recordings and Feel My Bicep included among his existing catalogue of work.

His inaugural venture with Clash Lion finds Hammer release four tracks in total on the label, with three of his own original titles being packaged alongside a superb remix from label co-founder Terr.

We spoke to Hammer to ask him all about the new tracks, his thoughts on getting remixed by Terr, which other labels we might see him on soon, and more. Get the full discussion below.

Hi mate, I hope things are going well over in London, what has your week entailed so far?

It’s been a nice week down in London on the build up to Xmas, I done a few days in my studio finishing some premasters for a 2023 release, recorded some mixes, some promotion for my Remmah night in Belfast on December 16th, and few big nights out with old friends.

You just released your new ‘Transit 2.2’ EP on Clash Lion, how did you come to sign the original tracks with those guys?

I was a big fan of both Terr and Daniel Watts before I even realised they ran Clash Lion. I loved the music on the label and I had wanted to release music on a strong but very independent label.

Clash Lion fit the bill perfectly and it has played out exactly as I had imagined; they are both very passionate and hardworking and you can feel the love they pump into both the label and the artists they are promoting.

And it also includes an excellent remix from label co-founder Terr, what was your first thought when she sent her edit across?

Terr did not mess about! I cheekily asked if she would be keen to do a remix for the EP when she originally said she loved the music and wanted to release it. A couple of days later she delivered this absolute mind melter, which I immediately tested out that weekend, and it went off on the dancefloor. No edits needed, the job was done. I was very impressed by the quick turnaround, it normally takes me months to do a remix!

In the past you’ve also released your music on imprints like Hotflush, Feel My Bicep, and Optimo Music, what’s your typical process when it comes to selecting which label to send certain demos to?

I know all the labels I love, and naturally I know their style. So it’s just about creating conversations with the right people. I have hundreds of demos and I am constantly deleting and adding in a large Dropbox folder and a SoundCloud playlist. From here I create both a new demos folder, and then specific playlists that I feel will suit the label. I like to keep some curveballs in each playlist too and keep the options eclectic. You never know what A&R’s will be attracted to.

And which other labels might we see you on over the next few months?

Permanent Vacation have loved a few of my demos which is a real buzz, so that’s an exciting prospect for 2023. I also have an exciting project brewing for my own label, Remmah Records, with some great collaborations involving both new and established artists.

Is there anything else you want to plug before we go?

A great new release from Boots & Kats is upcoming on my Remmah label in January and is going to be a good dancefloor workout, plus another big Remmah project that I will put out around March.

Hammer – Transit 2.2 EP is out now on Clash Lion.