Let's Talk: Jansons

Having already released music on stellar imprints such as Circoloco Records, Knee Deep In Sound, and Hot Creations, British house producer Jansons has made himself one of the most in-demand producers on the deep and tech house circuit.

His latest studio offering comes in the form of his impressive 4-track ‘Nite Life’ EP, which alongside three strong originals, also includes an excellent remix from breakthrough talent Jaden Thompson.

Jansons joins us this month for our latest on Let’s Talk, where we spoke about his new EP, how he approaches the process of signing new music, and what else we might hear from him in the near future. Read the full interview below.

Hi mate, how’s life in London at the moment?

Hey! Life is good – I actually relocated to Brighton at the beginning of the year. I’ve got a nice new studio space and there’s a great vibe here. It’s great having the sea on my doorstep.

You’re about to release your new ‘Nite Life’ EP on Prunk’s PIV imprint, how would you describe the three originals on this one?

I’d say they are three variations of my style of house. All tracks are made for the dancefloor and quite simple in terms of elements, focusing on one or two strong features, like the synth chords on ‘Get It On’, the hypnotic M1 pattern on ‘Messan’ and the bass and vocal chop pattern on ‘Nite Life’.

And it also includes a remix from Jaden Thompson, what was your initial reaction to hearing his edit?

I really liked the darker tone and the funky swing he put on it. I thought what he did with the pitching of the vocals was cool too.

You’ve previously released music with labels like Circoloco Records, Hot Creations, and Knee Deep In Sound, what’s one of the main things you look for when considering a label for a release?

I always make what I’m feeling at the time in the studio, be it inspired by other music or my current mood. I never set out to make a particular sound, I just enjoy the process and once I’ve got a few tracks made, I start thinking about where they would be a good fit.

And what advice would you give to any aspiring producers that are aiming for these kinds of labels?

I’d say don’t obsess over current tracks they are releasing and don’t try to copy the current trend. Make what really resonates with you in the studio, try to be original and fresh. In my experience, labels are always looking for music that’s new and unique sounding. Also, try to build relationships with the labels and DJs that run the labels. And finally, find out the preferred way those labels like to receive their demos.

Which other labels might we see you release with soon?

I have a single coming up on Defected, as well as a new LoveHrtz record. I’m also likely to write some new music for labels I’ve already released on, and I’m looking to launch my own label at some point.

Do you have any special plans for this summer that you’re particularly looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to progressing my new live show, with some exciting dates in the pipeline. I also love travelling, so I’m excited about going to new places, such a Chile, as well as returning to a few of my favourite cities.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Big thanks to everyone supporting my music. Thanks for having me.

Jansons – Nite Life EP is out May 26th on PIV.