Let's Talk: Jonas Saalbach

Berlin based DJ and producer Jonas Saalbach is on the edge of dance music stardom. Having seen his music  appear on labels like Moodmusic, Bedrock, Save Us and Einmusika, the latter of which he returns to this week for his ‘April’ EP.

We got the chance to catch up with Saalbach to bend his ear about the Einmusika release and upcoming gigs among other things. Read on to hear what he had to say.

Thanks for sitting down with us, how are things in the life of Jonas Saalbach?

Things are good and exciting. I am very happy to call my job ‘producer, DJ and Live Act’. It feels right to enter the door to my studio every day during the week to make music, and even if touring can be exhausting sometimes – I love it. To perfom all around the globe and meet new people is great! A perfect balance from my chilled home.

You recently announced the release of ‘April’, are you excited to put it out there?

Yes, I’m really excited to have it out soon. Next to the title track ‘April’, a melodic peak time song with the focus on an arpeggiator line and punchy drums, the canadian producer Simon Doty did a great groovy remix on this. I have been playing his songs for years and I am thankful to have him on board.

Second original is a collaboration with my friend Andrea Ljekaj from Zagreb. When we had the studio session, it was actually the first time we saw each other since we used to live together in Berlin. We named the result ‘Filo’ which is an abbreviation for ‘Filodrammatica’, a theater we visited before a show in Rijeka two years ago.

How would you describe the release in one sentence?

Get ready for spring!

Your music has now appeared on labels like Einmusika Recordings and Bedrock Records, how does it typically work when organising a release with their teams?

With some labels I know the people behind it very well, which is what I personally prefer as we can talk about the schedule and the release. Sometimes I release on labels of which I don’t know the people yet. It can make the communication somewhat more difficult. But in the end I want and need to trust the labels.

And how involved do you like to be when it comes to artwork, social media and promo stuff?

That´s actually not my job. I am a bit picky when we talk about mastering which is still a technical and creative part of my music, but artwork and stuff like that is label work.

Your next gig is at Keller in Berlin, are you excited to play there?

It’s always fun to play in Berlin! My friends can join me and I like the international crowd we have in town. Keller is kind of an underground club in Berlin – Neukölln with a special atmosphere. Not one of the biggest and most famous clubs but I can highly recommend it! Looking forward to this one.

What tune are you going to open with?

When I play DJ sets I like to open with ‘Aerial Perspective’, the title track of my last album ‘Perspective’.

Before we go, what is something someone said that has stuck with you throughout your career?

It doesn’t matter what style is hyped at the moment, just follow your own path and it will all work out in the end!

Jonas Saalbach’s ‘April’ EP is coming March 9 on Einmusika Recordings. Grab it HERE.