Let's Talk: Junior Sanchez

New Jersey DJ, producer, and veteran of all things house music Junior Sanchez is one of the few names that’s managed to enjoy a career spanning multiple decades.

Since the 80’s, the American talent has released his deep and groovy brand of club music with labels such as Defected, Classic Music Company, and Strictly Rhythm.

More recently, he joined the roster of Undisputed Music, where he released his latest single, Freedom – a fired up, vocal heavy dancefloor cut which features a top line from Charlie Vox.

We spoke to Junior Sanchez about the new track, how he decides if a label is worth his time or not, what we can expect to hear from him in 2022, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You recently released your new Freedom single on Undisputed Music, what’s the story behind this one?

I actually produced the track a while ago and it was just sitting on my computer. I knew it needed something more than just a typical sample vocal, so I reached out to my friend Curtis who is an amazing songwriter and he had a song that he wrote, with Charlie Vox. He sent it over and I reconstructed it, chopped it up and it fit perfectly. It then became “Freedom”.

And why release it as a single without any b-side or remixes?

Oh there’s an amazing remix coming so stay on the lookout. OK fine, I wasn’t gonna say it but Sam Divine just did an amazing remix, and I’m really really stoked.

Previously you’ve also worked with labels like Defected, Classic Music Company, and Strictly Rhythm, what makes you decide to sign music with a certain label or not?

When I sign to a label, I’m looking at the current and prior catalog. Does their output make sense for me? Do the tracks I’m sending fit with their musical style? In addition, I ask myself what are my goals for the tracks I’m sending? Do I believe in the label, what they do and how they market their records? Are we aligned in where this record can go and do we share the same goals?.

What advice would you give to new and emerging producers that want to get on these kinds of labels?

Stay true to your heart. Be original, be consistent, and don’t give up.

What labels might we expect to see Junior Sanchez on in the near future?

You’re gonna have to stay tuned and find out but I can tell you one really cool release coming out next year is a collaboration with Carlo Lio on his label Rawthentic, and I’m also working on collab’s with Mat.Joe & Low Steppa, as well as a brand new collaborative project with another artist which I can’t mention just yet.

You’ve been involved in house music for several decades now, tell us one of your favourite stories from the early days?

Oh man, there’s so many. Actually, I just sat with Armand Van Helden the other day and we were talking about the process it took to make a record as a producer back in the day. We had multiple sampler’s, mixing boards, outboard gear and outboard FX. Now everything’s in a laptop, so we giggled about that a lot.

And how do you think your local New Jersey club scene has evolved since the early 90s?

It’s evolved a lot. It’s gotten to be a lot more underground, or let’s say tasteful, for sure. In the early 80s into the 90s, you had Zanzibar and the Tony Humphries era of house music in New Jersey, which was golden. That eventually faded away but I think now we’re into that resurgence of proper house music in our state.

What’s one thing you miss from those days?

I would say that there was a lot more dancing back then. Proper house dancing in circles on the dance floor. There was a different energy.

It’s been great to chat to you Junior, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Look out for a lot more music from me in 2022, including a new artist project. Stay healthy and safe. Peace and love for the holidays.

Junior Sanchez ft. Charlie Vox – Freedom is out now on Undisputed Music.