Let's Talk: Kreature

Previous outings on imprints such as Circa Trax, Moan, Uncanny, and Solid Grooves Raw have put UK deep and tech house producer Kreature in a pretty good spot going forward.

Aiming to keep his consistent run of form, the Manchester local drops his latest Piano Dreams EP, which saw him return to Swerve Digital at the end of June with two robust and infectiously upbeat house tracks.

We spoke to him for this months edition of Let’s Talk, where we got to ask him all about the new EP, which labels we can expect to see him on soon, his experience in the world of music technology, and more. Get the full discussion and stream “Adios” from the EP below.

You just returned to Swerve Digital for your Piano Dreams EP, what’s the message you want to send with this one?

With Piano Dreams I wanted to bring in some old 90’s flavour with the organs and piano, but also try and keep it as a track for the peak time. I basically tried to see if I could make a ‘cooler’ track with a big piano in it, hopefully it was achieved!

And we’ve also seen you release on Circa Trax, Moan, Solid Grooves Raw, and others label in recent times, what is your thought process when it comes to scouting for a potential label partnership?

I think the main word here is partnership. I only return to labels who I enjoy working with. Usually the initial attraction is just loving the music they put out, and after that, it’s all about how the guys run the label. Some labels are quite bad on this front, especially when it comes to correspondence.

Which other imprints might fans expect to see you on in the near future?

My next releases will drop on Deeperfect and Moan, so keep an eye out for those two very soon. I also have some big labels lined up at the end of the year but unfortunately I can’t say much about those yet!

Alongside the typical roles of DJ and producer, you’ve also done some music tech stuff, including sample packs with Loopmasters, is this something you’ve always been into or did it only come about recently?

Yeah, to be honest most of my time is spent doing this, especially in the hard times of no gigs over the past 18 months. I mix and engineer for alot of people and fellow artists, and I also teach production at my studio in Manchester, gotta make that dollar!

And what’s one tech tip that you would give to every producer when it comes to making music in the studio?

It sounds obvious but try not to make music like everyone else. Craft your own style, and truly experiment with new techniques and sounds. Don’t be a sheep!

You’re based in Manchester, a city which plays a key part in the UK club scene, what’s your favourite thing about the cities nightlife?

I love how underground the scene is here, there are so many dirty basement clubs across the city. And on top of everything else we have an amazing underground community here too.

And who is one emerging Manchester based artist that you think we should check out?

Just one is tough. I’d say the Libero Crew, Mike Morrisey & Luke Welsh, but I could carry this list on for a long time!

Kreature – Piano Dreams EP is out now on Swerve Digital.