Let's Talk: Nicolas Masseyeff

Our latest edition of Let’s Talk finds us chat to one of France’s top club selectors, as renowned talent Nicolas Masseyeff chats about his latest ‘Renegade’ EP – which comes in collaboration with emerging sibling duo Parallelle.

Previously Nicolas’ work has come via a number of high quality record labels, including the likes of Diversions Music, Systematic Recordings, and DGTL, and ‘Renegade’ see’s him add Crosstown Rebels to the list.

We also got to ask him about his approach to working with others in comparison to a solo production, which other labels he might be releasing with soon, and more. Read the full interview with Nicolas Masseyeff below.

Hi Nicolas, we hope you’re well. What have you been up to this week so far?

Hello! I’m pretty good to be honest. I just returned from Portugal, where I was on vacation with my son, and we had an amazing time there.

You recently released your new ‘Renegade’ EP on Crosstown Rebels, talk us through the two original tracks on this one?

The two originals came out of our fun studio session with Parallelle. I really like ‘Renegade’ because of the flow of the track in particular. The structure and the random chords are freer on this one than I usually do, creating some unique elements. I really like it. Regarding ‘Bandidos’, it’s more of a deep groover with nice sounds and attitude, and I’m happy with it too. And more importantly, I am thrilled that Damian released it on Crosstown Rebels.

It comes in collaboration with sibling duo Parallelle, who you have worked with before, how was the experience this time around?

You know, with the boys, it’s always about fun. I get on really well with both of them, and they are like my sons, besides the fact that they joke and call me ‘papa’! We have a close relationship; you can feel it when we get together in the studio to work on music. Everything comes naturally from each of us. We make a little ‘chair loop’, and everyone takes turns working on tracks and adding elements. It’s a funny way to do it, and I love it. Our studio sessions are always filled with laughs; it’s all about fun.

What’s one of your favourite things about working with other artists, in comparison to a solo production?

I like collaborating and sharing ideas, visions, messages, and knowledge. You always learn something new from someone else when working on a collaboration. This aspect is one of the main things I like and enjoy. And the fact to create music together is a fun bonus! When I make music on my own, it’s a different process. I still love it, but I definitely laugh less.

The EP also includes a remix from Adam Ten and Mita Gami, what were your thoughts on that when it first came back?

I remember the first time I played it, and I was really surprised by the piano break. I immediately played it through again and fell in love on the second play. The guys did an incredible job on the remix, adding their personal touches, and I’m delighted and honoured they did it for us, the remix is fantastic.

In the past you’ve released tracks with DGTL, Systematic Recordings, and Diversions Music, what do you typically look for in a record label?

Honestly, I only just realised that I’ve released music on so many different labels. What I can tell you is they can vary so much. Some are extremely professional, but even the labels that are more grassroots and ‘freestyle’ things a little more, let’s say, are often great. The most important thing about a label however, is the people behind it. It’s all about personal connections.

For Diversions with Oxia, it’s all about feelings and music, the two form the base of the label.

And which other labels might we see you release with soon?

My next release will be on Diversions Music in the form of a collaboration with Dorian Craft & Joy Tyson. It’s coming out soon and is an extract from Dorian’s forthcoming album ‘Temporary Bliss’ – which is scheduled on the label. And then I’ll also have a solo single to come. While in September, the first selection and instalment of my album remixes will also be released.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I wish everyone a great summer and to enjoy life as much as possible.

Nicolas Masseyeff & Parallelle – Renegade EP is out now on Crosstown Rebels.