Let's Talk: Supernova

Italian house duo Supernova return to our feeds this week for the release of their brand new ‘Our Paradise’ single on Blackboard, marking their third appearance on the label to date.

Previously the pair have also released productions on other genre-leading house labels, such as Elrow, Defected, Get Physical, and their own imprint Lapsus Music.

We got the chance to speak with them about the new track, why they opt’d for a single over a full EP release, what they have planned for Lapsus Music in the near future, and more. Get the full discussion below.

Let’s talk about your new single, Our Paradise, how did the idea come together in the studio?

We were looking at some special emotional and deep vibes for our new music and while working in studio we played this deep and jazzy chord progression that was a good inspiring starting point to add a solid warm house beat to.

And why release it as a single, without any other originals or remixes?

When we have a solid track that we really feel, it’s always better for us to focus on it with all the attention and promo. We also made a special videoclip for the single that is available on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

It comes on Blackboard, a label you’ve released on before, what are some of the main selling points of a label when you’re looking at them for a release?

Maybe you guys don’t know, but Blackboard is one of our labels. It’s actually the third one after Lapsus Music and Downtown Underground.

Blackboard was the perfect fit for this track and there is nothing better then releasing a track that you really like on your own label, especially after the success of the first single Lovely Summer Dreams (which is still rocking), released back in February.

And you’ve also released on Get Physical, Defected, and Elrow, which other labels might we expect to see you on this year?

We have another single planned on Armada Subjekt on May 21st, a 2-track EP on DFTD on June 4th and another single on Blackboard in July. We are working on a lot of new music at the moment, so much more to come!

How about Lapsus Music, what have you got planned for that in the near future?

We have remixed Paul Johnson for Lapsus Music, just released a track from Roberto Pagliaccia and Mizbee with a Prok & Fitch remix and have a release coming from Gettoblaster and Dantiez Saunderson. On the family’s house music label Downtown Underground we’ll have Brokenears, Hotswing and Dario D’Attis shortly, while on Blackboard remixes from Audiojack and Gorge.

You’re of course a duo, how do you handle things like studio sessions, DJ sets and label decisions when you maybe want to take things in different directions?

We have worked together for 18 years now and we have always found a way to balance every decision to take the best choice for Supernova.

And what’s the best thing about working as a duo compared to a solo career?

We really trust and have a lot of respect for each other, and when it’s like that it means two brains, two pairs of hands ,and double the energy working in the same direction, it’s for sure better than one!

What’s the strangest thing you know about each other?

Emiliano – Giacomo likes to do yoga in the studio while listening to a new production.
Giacomo – Emiliano will literally walk in a circle for hours and hours when he is trying to find inspiration.

And who’s the better dancer?

We have a friend that is dreaming of dancing in one of our upcoming videoclips while wearing a silver suit, he will definitely be the best dancer!

Supernova’s Our Paradise is out now on Blackboard.