Let's Talk: Wheats

UK house talent Wheats burst onto the British club scene like few had done before him, though what might seem like an example of overnight success is actually the culmination of years of work and dedication.

Since then he’s released productions on some of house music’s most prestigious labels, including Hottrax, Toolroom Records, Elrow, and most recently, Solid Grooves.

We spoke with him about his Solid Grooves debut for new single ‘Bizzi’, what else he has planned for 2021, how his dad inspired him to become a DJ, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You just debuted on Solid Grooves for the release of Bizzi, how did this one come together in the studio?

It actually came together in November of last year, I was listening to some Romanian DJ’s & took a little inspiration from their Sunwaves sets. The track itself came together quite quickly afterwards and took me around 4-5 hours to glue everything together.

And why release was it as a single, with no b-side or remixes?

I suppose that’s something to ask the crew at Solid Grooves. When sending demos I always send more than 3 records to give them an idea of the direction of sound I am taking. I guess they thought ‘Bizzi’ was the standout demo!

You’ve now released music on Toolroom, Hottrax, elbow, Kaluki, and a bunch of other top house labels, do you always focus on a specific label, or do you just see what comes across your desk?

Sometimes I listen a little closer to the label to get an idea of how I can place my sound with them, however, most of the time I just make tracks for my sets. I enjoy making tracks that are quite trippy & hypnotic, to really secure the dancefloor’s attention.

And what other labels might we see you release with in 2021?

You’ll 100% see me return to Solid Grooves, maybe sooner than you think ha! But for this year it’ll be releases with Jamie Jones’ imprints and as I just mentioned, back with the Solid Grooves crew.

Is there a label you would love to work with but haven’t had the chance yet?

There’s a number of team’s I’d love to work with, but in this game it’s all about time and not rushing anything. It’s always good to allow the creativity to flow naturally to get the best results! Before Christmas the aim was to sign with Solid Grooves, and that came about quick since then. However, right now I am looking at who to target next, as well as maintaining relationships with the guys that are putting my music out now!

You were inspired to become a DJ after seeing your dad play records growing up, what are some of the earliest memories you have of him playing music?

When I was around 6 or 7 years old we lived in a two bedroom flat with a small storage cupboard type area where he could just about fit two Technics 1210’s & an old Numark mixer. I remember on occasions I used to stand on his record box and peer over the decks to watch him play and be amazed by what he was doing.

And how does he feel that you’re now topping sales charts and headlining clubs around the world?

Honestly he couldn’t be more proud! At least once or twice a week he asks me what I have planned each week, he’s really chuffed to see me do what I love!

Do you think it’ll become a bit of a family tradition and your own son or daughter will be in the booth in 20 years time?

10000%. Whenever that time comes, he/she will have a set of headphones around their head as soon as they come out the womb haha!

And lastly, before we go, what’s the best house track released in 2021 so far?

My personal favourite would be A1 – Alci – Ukiyo [RTC002].

Wheats’ Bizzi is out now on Solid Grooves.