It seems like no time at all since we first revelled in the delights of the Four Tet remix of Aphex Twin ‘Untitled’ from the seminal Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 record. That was in fact 1999, when London based Hebden had just turned 21 and had reached a turning point in hie fledgling career.

The music industry is barely recognisable from what it was back then, but Hebdens’ unwavering consistency and relevance, in an industry where many artists can struggle to regain their positions after a couple of months off the radar, speaks volumes for the fan base he has created over nearly two decades.

When you listen to Four Tet, you instantly feel connected to someone, who is just being themselves, communicating in a way that is wholesome and transparent but has a deeper meaning, where expectations are cast aside and you never to quite what to expect. ‘New Energy’ is new, has bags of energy and is absolutely one of the ‘must-have’ records of 2017.