LOR tells us about his release on Get Physical and what the future holds

DJ/producer LOR is Belfast born and raised, after years of producing under various monikers he has landed on a combination of deep techno with subtle house influences.

Now a few years on from when he first arrived with the project, LOR has seen releases for Definition:Music, L’Enfant Terrible Records and quite recently the mighty German imprint – Get Physical Music.

We got a chance to catch up with LOR to hear his thoughts on the two track offering and some detail into what 2018 might have in store for the Irish talent.

Hey mate! Thanks for taking some time to chat, how are things in the life of LOR at the moment?

Thanks for asking me! Things are busy thanks, I’m doing a lot of work to set up some releases for later this year – a lot of business stuff as well as music. It’s exciting – but also demanding to keep life in balance.

You just released your Inversnaid EP with German label Get Physical Music, tell us how the release came to be?

I initially met the Get Physical guys through my friend Chris aka Eagles & Butterflies. We’ve been in contact for a while now and they liked these tracks so we did the release together. I’ve also done some remix work for them.

And being one of the top labels in European house music, the support must be coming in from all directions?

There has been some good support, yes. Honoured to have Kölsch, Tensnake and Âme on board with this release.

Your LOR project is relatively new, but you have decades of experience as a producer, why the new alias?

Yes, as you know I’ve been producing a long time… LOR was a chance for me to start again with a clean slate and get back to my first loves and just follow my instincts. It continues to be a voyage of discovery.

And so far you have worked with Vails, remixed Night Talk and dropped a bootleg of Larry Heard’s ‘Missing You’, tell us what else you have in the pipeline?

I have another EP coming a little later this year – don’t know if I can announce the label yet… then a bigger project coming in the second half of this year which I’m working on right now. Very excited about it.

You will play AVA Festival for the second year in a row this summer, how is your experience with playing to the Belfast crowd?

It’s actually my third year, and I’m very happy to be back. As everyone says, a Belfast crowd is more lively than your average – it’s a lot of fun. Growing up in Belfast I didn’t even realise this, but once I’d DJ’d in a few different countries I realised that of course every place has it’s own unique culture and feel.

And which other DJs from the line up are you looking forward to seeing play?

KiNK never disappoints and is a gentleman to boot. Will also be interesting to see Larry Heard, as I am a big fan, hence the edits I did last year.

Let’s close things out with you telling us one artist that you expect to do big things across 2018?


LOR – Inversnaid EP is out now on Get Physical Music.