Interview: Matt Guy - Inflyte Plus

British house and rave artist Matt Guy adds Armada Music to his growing catalogue of music this month, that already includes past outings with record labels such as Sola and Arcane Music.

The Nottingham-based DJ & producer brings his new single ‘The Devil’ to Armada, which is a modern revamp of 666’s iconic ‘D.E.V.I.L’ track, which came out more than 20 years ago in 2000.

We got to ask Matt a couple of questions about the new release, where we also spoke about which tracks have influenced his music, which other labels we might get to see him on soon, and more.

Hi Matt, how has your week been so far?

Hello! My week has been lovely thanks, nice productive start in the studio, always sets the tone.

Your music brings some big 90’s rave influences to the party, what’s one of your favourite tracks from that era?

Just can’t beat tracks from the 90’s! My all time favourite is Praga Khan – Injected With A Poison, what a tune!

You recently released your new single ‘The Devil’ with Armada Music, tell us how this one came together in the studio?

I’d always wanted to use the acapella from the classic D.E.V.I.L. track by 666, as I love the Club Caviar edit which was released in 2000. I actually originally wrote this record with another vocal which just wasn’t quite working for me, I ended up trying the acapella and it fit like a glove! Such a buzz to get it cleared and out with Armada and 666 himself.

In the past you’ve also released music with labels like Sola and Arcane Music, what do you typically look for in a label when you’re considering them for a release?

Solardo & Eli Brown both supported my music and journey when trying to break through and it was a no brainer for me to release with them. I also always look at the labels’ most recent releases and see if I’m vibing with them.

And which other labels might we see you on this year?

I have a few more releases to come on Armada, a follow up EP on Sola, and a 3-track EP on one of my favourite labels, which I can’t quite announce just yet.

BBC Radio 1 nominated you as one of their breakthrough artists of 2022, that must give you a big boost in confidence for what 2023 might have in store?

It was such an honour to be nominated for that award! The support BBC Radio 1 has given me has been so influential in kickstarting my career.

Have you set yourself any goals for this year?

I’ve got some labels I’d love to release on, one is already in the works. I’m also hoping to release a big summer record that dominates Ibiza and the festivals this year, I reckon I might have this record sitting waiting.

I recently looked back at my goals for 2022 which I did almost exactly a year ago and one was to get a BBC Radio 1 play from Danny Howard, Sarah Story, and Pete Tong. So it was so good to reflect back on that and see how far I have come over the year in that respect.

Anything else you would like to mention before we go?

It would be wrong of me if I didn’t plug my latest single one more time! The Devil, ft. 666, is out now on all platforms.

Matt Guy – The Devil is out now on Armada Music.