Mattia Trani shares his top five international classics

As a native of Bologna, Italy, techno producer Mattia Trani has been serving up highly praised club cuts on labels like Pushmaster Discs.  His latest offering will see him venture to Marco Faraone’s UNCAGE imprint, with his Collider EP, a five track which includes a remix from Donato Dozzy.

Ahead of the release, we caught up with Trani to hear what he had to say when asked to pick five tracks that he’s buzzing about at the moment. With the subject of international classics in mind, Mattia picks an essential tune from five different countries, with picks including Marco Carola, Jeff Mills and Planetary Assault System.

Takkyu Ishino – Bote (Japan)

An instant classic from a Japanese producer also known for his Playstation 1 track for ‘Ghost In The Shell’ game. I love every production from Takkyu but this is one track which is always in my sets.

Diego – High In Spaces (Germany)

Heiko Laux’s label Kanzleramt is one of my favourite of all time. I really loved the scene in Germany at the start of the 2000’s and this track is just perfect. Speedy melodic funk – it’s on another level.

Marco Carola & Gaetano Parisio – Coincidence (Italy)

I am a really big fan of the speed techno and hard groove period, and this is definitely a masterpiece from Marco and Gaetano. It’s a big tool track, but totally massive on the dynamic use of the drums, so on the dancefloor it sounds huge.

Jeff Mills – Step To Enchantment (USA)

Jeff is Jeff. I love every shade of music that he delivers. Ambient, techno, funky, melodic – he is a wizard and masters them all. But this track is the one, for me. The groove is insane, and the pattern of the 909 is wow, just wow.

Planetary Assault System – Rip The Cut (UK)

This track is a 10-minute moment of pure ecstasy for you mind, body and soul. I mean, I don’t take drugs but this mono sound lopped through the track for the whole 10 minutes – I imagine it’s like LSD for the people on the dancefloor! One of the genius tracks of techno, this is techno, but also minimal and essential listening. A masterpiece from the one and only Luke Slater.

Mattia Trani’s Collider EP is out July 30th on Marco Faraone’s UNCAGE.