Interview: Miname

Leicester-based house producer Miname follows up on his previous success with a much awaited return appearance on Kognitiv Records.

Hoping to repeat history and once again find himself amongst the Beatport top 100, Miname drops his new  original single Defined on the label.

We spoke to him about the new track, why it comes as a single release and not an EP, what else he has planned for the near future, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You just released your new single ‘Defined’ on Kognitiv Records, what’s the inspiration behind this one?

The inspiration for this track came whilst I was randomly going through my hard drive. I came across the vocal ‘we were defined till the end man’ and it just really sat with me and the current situation of the world.

There’s a lot of madness going on at the moment and I wanted to try to highlight the fact many of us feel like we are judged, should behave a certain way, or do what is socially accepted. As soon as I got the vocal in Ableton the whole project just came together.

This one has only one track, while your first release on Kognitiv had three, why no other originals or remixes this time around?

So the reason why myself and the label decided to release ‘Defined’ as a standalone track was because we felt the track deserved to be in focus.

My previous EP ‘Spring’ charted to the #1 spot across all genres and the track ‘Spring’ reached #10 in the deep house chart on Beatport. We felt ‘Defined’ would be a perfect follow up tune and with the current climate of what’s going on it just felt right.

Kognitiv Records donate a percentage of their profits to different mental health charities, is this something that made you decide to release on the label?

Kognitiv Records donating profits to mental health charities is definitely  a massive bonus. It’s amazing that I can contribute towards mental health, especially in these tough times for people all around the world. So this is definitely a bonus to releasing on this label.

But I also must say Kognitiv Records is ran and operated professionally. It is important for me to invest in labels that I truly believe will be around for the long run. Kognitiv Records is all about supporting artists closely and really exposing them to more opportunities.

And which other labels can we expect to see you on in the near future?

For now you can expect 3 more releases on Kognitiv Records. I have been making a lot of different music recently so I’m slowly gathering them together to send to other labels, but my roots will always be with Kognitiv Records!

You’re based in the UK, what makes the British club scene so special in your opinion?

I have lived in Australia and New Zealand, and they are amazing places to go clubbing. But for me there’s just no place like the UK. There is just this feeling of attachment to the music scene in all the punters. Everyone is always focused on the music!

And which emerging UK talents should we be aware of in 2021?

I really love too many artists to name, but if I had to pick my favourite emerging artists, personally, I would say ‘HAFT’ and ‘Nebula (AR)’.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to answer our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up?

Thank you so much for having me. I really do appreciate it! I would just like to say I can’t wait until we can all dance without any more restrictions, and that I really appreciate what was lost during the pandemic.

Miname’s Defined EP is out now on Kognitiv Records.