Interview: Molino

Following tracks on labels like Noexcuse Records, Yoruba Grooves, and Stab Recordings, Italian musician Molino recently made his Hottrax debut with the release of his new “Prince” EP.

The Jamie Jones owned imprint has previously seen outings from Wheats, ANOTR, and PBR Streetgang, putting Molino in good company as far as established house producers go.

We spoke to the Napoli-based artist to chat about the new EP, which labels he might be working with in the near future, what he has planned for his own Visionary Grooves imprint, and more. Get the full discussion and listen to “Prince” below.

Hey Molino, we hope you’re good, how are things in Napoli right now?

Naples, just like many other cities in the world, is going through such stressful and unprecedented times, especially when it comes to the club scene. However, we as Neapolitans, with our cheerfulness and warmth, always know how to cast away bad energy.

You just released your new Prince EP on Hottrax, what is the message you want to send with this one?

When it comes to making music, I’m always gaining inspiration from my memories, hobbies and things I’m fond of. For “Prince”, I sampled The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’s theme song, which I used to watch during my teenage years. My ultimate goal is to share these memories and feelings of 90’s nostalgia as much as I can.

On “Numbers” I chose to sample the voice of the homonymous track by Kraftwerk, one of the most pivotal and fundamental electronic groups to ever exist, and fuse it with some percussive and electronic grooves, with the intention to stimulate and ignite positive, invigorating vibes.

Previously you’ve also released music with Yoruba Grooves and Stab Recordings, which other labels might we see added to the list in the coming months?

I’ve got loads of music projects thus far, which I’d love to share and sign with the best labels in the music industry – stay tuned!

And which label would you love to release with before the end of your career?

It’s really hard for me to even think about the end of my career right now, I’m really just concentrating on the present to make the most of what I’m doing now.

You also head up your own imprint, Visionary Grooves, what are your plans for that going forward?

My label really does allow me to feel like I can truly and fully express the most creative part of me. I’d like to launch new music tendencies and a series of different styles attached to it.

And how do you decide between releasing your new music on your own imprint vs. another?

With the tunes I choose to release on Visionary Grooves, I’m always seeking for the perfect concoction of innovation, quality and deep music research.

Thanks for answering our questions, before we go, is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

Lose your self in the music!

Molino – Prince EP is out now on Hottrax.