Interview: Nure

Having come out of the pandemic with releases signed to imprints like Legend and Grrreat Recordings, DJ and producer Nure now makes a return to her own Intention Music label.

Following three original releases from herself, the French artist now welcomes other names to the Intention Music catalogue, with her ‘Onna’ original getting remixes from both A*S*Y*S and Teenage Mutants.

We had a brief chat with her to talk about how she choose who would be responsible for the edits on the EP, which other names we can expect to see on the label, and her thoughts on the French club scene. Get the full discussion with Nure below.

Hey Nure – we hope you’re doing well right now, tell our readers what you have been up to recently?

Right now, I’m really excited, as currently preparing an EP in collaboration with a mysterious artist called GRIS. It’s an incredible artistic fusion, because we’ve mixed our styles and our universes, and doing that has created deep and dark techno tracks.

You’re about to release a new remix EP for your ‘Onna’ single, with reworks coming from A*S*Y*S and Teenage Mutants, how did you go about selecting the remixers?

I have always admired the work of Teenage Mutants, as they are artists who have a background in melodic music who now focus on making techno. The original has some strong melodic elements, so I knew they would be a perfect remix choice, and they did a really great job.

And what are your thoughts on both versions?

I covered the Teenage Mutants remix in the last question, but I also wanted an acid remix of ‘Onna’, and I couldn’t think of a better artist than A*S*Y*S* for that. His remix of ‘Onna’ brought a completely different dimension, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m very honoured that he decided to remix my track.

It comes on your own Intention Music imprint, where you have so far released 3 singles from yourself, will remix EPs be a common addition to the label going forward?

Yes, I want to release the remixes on Intention Music, as it’s a continuity of work, and I don’t want to release them elsewhere.

And who else might we see release original music on the label in the near future?

GRIS will soon join my label, an artist still unknown to the general public, but who has such a special and incredible talent, so I can’t wait for everyone to discover it.

You’ve also released music on Grrreat Recordings and Legend, which other labels will you be releasing with soon?

For the moment, my future projects are scheduled on my own label Intention Music, but I really like Frankyeffe’s Riot and T78’s Autektone.

You’re based in France, a country with an excellent club circuit, what’s your favourite French club to play?

I love the Dieze Warehouse in Montpellier, as it’s where I made my debut, and I’ve got a lot of friends in the city, so I always feel good playing there.

And who is one French artist who’s inspired you massively in your career?

There are so many great talents in France, but some of my personal favourites include the likes of Incident Prism, Traumer, and Gesaffelstein.