O'Fella Inflyte Interview

UK-based techno and IDM producer O’Fella makes a return to his own self-titled record label later this month as he drops his much-anticipated debut studio album ‘Cosmosis’.

The record comes as the 7th release on O’Fella Recordings, where he has previously hosted productions from emerging artists such as T.I.E.R, Decoder, Marcelo Antonio, and Reckless Device.

We recently got the opportunity to talk to the British artist, where we spoke about his reasons for putting together his first album, which other labels he might be releasing with soon, and more. Get the full discussion with O’Fella below.

How are things in the life of O’Fella right now?

Hello! 2023 has started well here. Musically, I have taken a short creative break as I prepare for the release of my upcoming album. I am enjoying a nice balance in my life since I moved back to Liverpool six months ago.

You’re about to release your debut album ‘Cosmosis’ – why is now the right time for your first album?

Music is one area of my life where I think it’s important not to set many specific goals or a timeline. It has always been more about enjoying being creative and my feeling is, that working this way gives me the freedom to make original art and push some boundaries.

During 2022, I felt that I wanted to experiment with a broader range of sounds in my recording sessions. I also picked up a couple of ideas from older projects and it all started to pull together in the same conceptual space. It wasn’t until the bulk of the ideas in the album were recorded, that I thought it was the right time to release a full-length offering.

And what can people expect to hear on the record?

The tracks link together through the idea of transferring thoughts, emotions, and imagery from foreign areas (in space), to a sound that we can relate to, hence the album title, ‘Cosmosis’. So, I guess there’s a sci-fi theme throughout. Within this, there are ambient sounds and percussive tracks and while the style is loosely rooted in techno, it ventures elsewhere too.

Do you have a favourite track from the album?

That’s a tough question! I like each track in its own way, although I hope when heard together listeners can experience a fully cohesive trip. If there is one track which I think sums up the concept best, it is ‘Extraneous’.

It comes on your own O’Fella Recordings imprint, did you consider sending it out to other labels?

Briefly, yes, but the reason I created the imprint was to give me a free space for my own musical ideas. This project is my most expressive work yet, so it seemed natural that it should go out on OFREC (O’Fella Recordings).

And who else might we see on the label in the coming months?

I am planning something collaborative with a good friend and great artist. The said artist is Scottish, but we still need to write some music, so I’ll hold off naming names for now! Maybe you can guess.

You’ve also released your music with Mind Games, Patterns, and Oscillator One in the past, which other labels might we see you on soon?

I recently agreed to release a track on a various artists compilation with a really cool collective in Italy, so I’ll be able to update with some news soon. Apart from that and the next OFREC project, I haven’t looked too far ahead. It’s just a case of staying inspired and enjoying the time I have to make music and we will see where it goes from there.

Is there anything else you want to bring attention to before we go?

I would just like to say a big thanks to everyone who listens to the record and supports the label. Alongside the digital release, there will be some limited-edition CDs on sale from the O’Fella Recordings Bandcamp page. The main motivation to do CDs was to be able to give something physical to my parents, who have resisted the music streaming movement, but there are plenty more to go around for interested listeners who still own CD players and would like something collectible.

O’Fella – Cosmosis LP is out March 31st on O’Fella Recordings.