Pioneer release new app to record DJ mixes directly to your iPhone

Tokyo based technology company Pioneer have been the industry standard of digital DJing since the launch of their first CDJ back in 1998 and still continue to innovate and expand the creative possibilities for everyone from the freshly cut bedroom DJ to the industry veterans of the mainstage.

Pioneer are once again stepping into the realm of software, this time releasing an iOS app that will let you record and upload a DJ mix via your iPhone. There are limitations, for example the app will only work if used with a DJM mixer that has send/return capabilities, and it is currently only available on the US app store.

The mix can be streamed live or recorded down to a file as WAV, though with 16 bit, 44.1KHz running at over 600mb per hour, you will want to ensure you have a couple of GB available depending on the desired length of your mixes.