In the first in a series of forthcoming Inflyte updates, we’ve added a new filename editor to fix the issue of files being uploaded that have not been renamed in the recommended “artist – title [label]” format. We’re also replacing the old screenshot tool for reports with new functionality that now allows any image to be uploaded to your report. There’s also a new volume control added to the audio player, plus some handy new navigation controls to enhance the user experience for promo listening.

Track Filename Editor

Inflyte will now alert you if you have uploaded a file that has not been named in the recommended format “artist – title [label]”. This is of particular benefit for users who download Wav files that contain no meta-data and have not been named correctly.  It is now possible to update the correct raw filename data on Inflyte. Previously, only meta-data could be updated on screen.

When you have uploaded your audio, wait until processing is complete and if you see a warning symbol underneath the track name, click on the blue pencil to access the new editing screen.

Here you can edit the meta-data fields for Title and Artist, but now you can also rename the file to match the meta-data.

You can edit the data manually, or click the magic wand to automatically add the artist, title and label data from the populated fields. Inflyte will also remove any illegal characters that are not compatible for file delivery.

When you lock your campaign, Inflyte will now display a list of the audio filenames on the campaign for final review.

Image Uploading For Reports

Inflyte can now upload your own images directly to your campaign PDF reports. You can use this for image captures of reviews, playlists etc. You simply drag any image you want into the uploader and edit the title of the image and the source – you can add the url here too if required. This tool replaces the previous screenshot tool which will be no longer be available on new campaigns. Older promos which have links from the old tool will still display in the short term.

Player Volume Control 

The audio player now has a minimal volume control which remembers settings between promos. The settings are stored within the browser so for example a users laptop may be set to loud, but their desktop attached to studio monitors can set at a different volume.

Updated Keyboard Navigation

Pressing spacebar when listening a promo now pauses/plays the selected track. The arrow keys have also been assigned to be more intuitive. Left/Right now moves to the next or previous promo when using the dashboard for reviewing promos. Up/Down moves up and down the tracklist of a campaign.

Release Date Now Embedded In Meta Data

Inflyte now automatically adds the release date that has been added on your campaigns to the track meta-data. This can be displayed as a view option in Rekordbox, Traktor and various other music applications as it of particular use for reviewers and journalists who rely on this data for their publications.