As DJs in the digital age, we’ve probably all (at least once) been in those situations where you get to a gig only to discover that the hot new promo that was going to be the highlight of your set has suddenly vanished off your hard-drive or you forgot to copy it across to your USB stick. We know what a right pain in the backside it is to try and dig through your emails to find it again, leave feedback (again) and re-download it? Sound familiar?This week we launched brand new feature on Inflyte which is designed to help take away some of the pain of promo music management and steps in to save the day in situations like these.Welcome to Promo Locker…So What It It? Promo Locker is your personal online archive of every single promo you have ever rated and downloaded on Inflyte. A place where you can quickly retrieve and download all your favourite promos.How Does Promo Locker Work? Anytime you leave feedback on an Inflyte promo, it will be saved along with your feedback and favourite track indicator in your Inflyte Promo Locker for you to re-download whenever you need to.

For example, you can be leaving feedback either through the iOS or Android apps, or even on your mobile browser and anything you rate will be saved to Promo Locker for download later. So even if you don’t have Dropbox integration, you still have all your favourite promos in one easy to access Promo Locker. With Promo Locker, you can lave feedback now and download anytime.What else does Promo Locker do? You can use the search box to search by sender, artist and title. Plus you can user the filters to filter promos by the star rating you gave them, or the date when they were received.

I’m a label or Promo Agency using Inflyte, how is it useful to me? If you are sending out promos, you can use Promo Locker to store a handy archive of all your campaign audio files for retrieval at any time.

So where do I find it? Just log into to your Inflyte Dashboard and go to the Settings menu in the top right corner, You’ll find a link there to your personal Promo Locker with downloadable links to all your favourite promos.